Amputation / Loss of Limb

Loss of Limb and Amputation Law Firm

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that caused a loss of a limb, it’s important that you contact an experienced amputation attorney in Tampa today. As the victim, you are entitled to legally seek compensation from the at fault party involved in the accident that required amputation. Personal injury claims involving loss of limb typically involve auto accidents, medical device errors, and serious construction site accidents. Regardless of your specific situation, our amputation lawyers can confidently pursue monetary compensation on the victim’s behalf. We understand that losing a limb is a life altering situation, and are to help you handle it properly from a legal standpoint. Those responsible for the accident can be held liable in civil cases that will require all guilty parties to fully compensate the victim for any amount sought.

Loss of limb for any individual is an experience that will change their life forever. Not only are there physical limitations now placed on their lifestyle, but the psychological effects are long withstanding after the initial accident has passed. Catania & Catania will aggressively pursue your loss of limb injury case, and seek the justice that one deserves after enduring such a traumatic life changing accident. We have the the necessary resources available at our disposal to help guide any amputation victim to success both in and out of the courtroom. Your loss of limb liability claim will be handled promptly, and results will be sought after immediately taking on your case.

As your Tampa loss of limb lawyer, we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your unique situation. We work with law enforcement to determine the exact facts in your case, and use the information to our distinct advantage when handling your personal injury case in court. Our detailed investigations will help identify those whose negligence contributed towards the accident that caused the catastrophic injuries sustained by the victim. We work closely with each of our amputation clients, and can help you accomplish your goals concerning compensation in Florida at your discretion. We fight hard to ensure your legal rights are protected, and that you recover fair compensation for your loss of limb injury case. Dependant upon each client’s circumstances, you can look towards recouping monetary awards involving the injury itself, lost wages from missing work, all medical bills related to said injuries, and all the pain and suffering involved.

If you, or someone you know has lost a limb due to negligence contributed by another party, we advise you contact your local Tampa amputation lawyer today. With over two decades of experience guiding clients to success in Florida courtrooms, Catania & Catania has become the official go-to personal injury lawyers. They can better assist you regarding your claims, and have a strong history of providing each of their clients with the goals they set out to achieve. You can contact our Tampa law firm toll free today at 1-800-253-5523. Live chat representatives are also available daily to answer any questions you may have concerning your loss of limb injury case.