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Are You Taking Necessary Steps to Avoid Injury in the Workplace?


The simple lifting of objects is something we all know, right? Wrong! Many of us are aware of our limitations when lifting safely but it can be very easy to misjudge a situation and end up with an injury and severe pain. Back injuries are one of the most common work injuries in the USA. Law firms are always dealing with claims of injuries in the workplace due to back problems, but you can easily avoid them!


How Many Is Enough?

Did you know that there are well over 1.5 million attorneys in America? What’s more is the number is rising rapidly. That may seem like a lot; however, per capita it is actually quite low. Even with this massive amount of attorneys to choose from, it is so hard to find a good one sometimes, it is frightening.


Accidents Happen On the Road – Be Prepared!


Nobody on planet Earth wants to be the victim or witness a road accident. Unfortunately, these events do happen and the best thing we can do is make sure to be prepared and have good coping skills in the event of an accident. Auto accident attorneys are dealing with these unfortunate incidents throughout the year.


Crash, Bang, Wallop

You are driving along the freeway and yes, you guessed it: “crash, bang and wallop”. What just happened? Was I just struck by lightning? Did my tire blow out? Stunned, you start to gather your thoughts together and realize that you have been involved in an automobile collision. That realization always brings an immediate feeling of dread and rightly so.


Cycling Safety: What to Do If You Have an Accident


As costs of owning vehicles and gas prices increase, many people are relying more on their bicycles as means of transportation. Riding a bike can be a great way to save money and exercise. Some employers have even started cycle-to-work schemes for employers, making the process even more affordable.


Construction Industy Accidents and Fault

The construction field can be a very dangerous place to work. It has a variety of areas that you can work in, all of which need careful attention of surrounding areas, noises, alarms, and more. For example, let’s say you are working on a very noisy combine harvester. Not only is it noisy, but also very dangerous as anything in front of it gets annihilated within milliseconds.


The Truth about Whiplash and Concussions


Personal injury law firms often have people approach them after auto accidents. People report whiplash and concussion symptoms that often are not taken seriously by insurance companies. As a matter of fact, these injuries can be very serious.


An Embarrassing Slip and Fall Could Turn Costly

Whether we slip and fall in a public place or by ourselves in an aisle of a store, we probably hope nobody else was watching. It is natural to feel embarrassed when such mishaps occur, and we may want nothing more than for the attention to be taken off of us immediately. What we fail to realize is that these seemingly simple accidents could cause long-term, costly complications and that we do have specific legal rights.


How much is a Limb worth Anyway?

It is a devastating loss for an individual to lose an appendage: an arm, a leg, a hand, a foot, or even a finger. Sometimes this can happen for valid medical reasons such as atherosclerosis or diabetes. Other times amputation occurs suddenly due to accidental injuries. These “accidents” can happen on the job, in an automobile collision, or even at a theme park.


Keep Your Skin on Your Body

All fans of motorbikes know the risks that arise when riding bikes. Many debate as to whether these risks evolve from a rider’s carelessness to other road users, or by careless automobile drivers that don’t pay enough attention to safety around motorbikes. Regardless of your viewpoint, one thing is certain: whenever a motorbike and car collide, it generally calls for some form of medical treatment.


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