Motorcycle Safety: How to Ride with a Passenger

Motorcycle Safety: How to Ride with a Passenger

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As a motorcycle rider, you enjoy long rides by yourself to lose your stress in the strong winds and relax as you zoom by miles and miles of beautiful scenery. This “biker’s zen” is very appealing, but so is sharing that ride with someone you care about. Riding a motorcycle with a passenger can be a neat way to share the experience of biking with a friend, family member, or spouse, but careful safety considerations need to be made in order to avoid an accident. Continue reading

Can Customizing Your Motorcycle Be Dangerous?

Can Customizing Your Motorcycle Be Dangerous?

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If you ride a motorcycle, then you probably take great pride in your bike’s appearance. When you talk to your friends about going home to “take care of your baby,” they know you’re talking about your motorcycle, right? So the big question is, can customizing your below motorcycle actually cause more danger for you as you ride?

About Motorcycle Customization

When you customize your motorcycle, you are changing its stylistic and/or structural traits so that it no longer looks like a standard mass-produced bike. You may want to customize your bike in order to reflect your personality and help your motorcycle make more of a statement. A new seat or set of wheels, strip lights, heated grips, and a unique exhaust pipe are all examples of motorcycle customizations. Continue reading

What to Do if You are Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident

What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycleSuffering through an accident is one of the unfortunate hazards of being a driver or passenger in any vehicle on the road. If you are a motorcyclist, it is important for you to understand how to handle any crash that may occur so one wrong step doesn’t prevent you from receiving coverage or compensation after a traffic accident.

Immediately After the Crash

If you are conscious and physically able after your crash, get off the roadway, assess your physical condition, and exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers involved. Try your best to take mental notes of your surroundings and the specifics of the crash, or call someone and describe everything to them so they can jot it all down. If possible, talk to witnesses and gather their contact information. Continue reading

Rules of the Road: Florida’s Motorcycle Safety Laws

Rules of the Road: Florida’s Motorcycle Safety Laws

motorcycle 1When you buy a motorcycle, you gain entrance into a one-of-a-kind owner’s club with other motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only are motorcycles inexpensive to operate and friendlier to the environment than that SUV in the next lane, but they inspire a “brotherhood” or “sisterhood” with other motorcyclists that also crave the freedom and zen that riding a motorcycle brings.

However, as with all vehicles on the road, motorcycles must meet specific safety laws in order to pass the critical eye of a police officer. These safety laws are put in place to protect you as the motorcycle driver as well as the other drivers on the road. They vary by state, but here is a rundown of what you can expect as a Florida motorcycle rider. Continue reading

The Most Common Occupational Illnesses Deserving Compensation

The Most Common Occupational Illnesses That Deserve Compensation

hearing testIt’s commonly known that injuries that occur in the workplace can be covered with workers’ compensation benefits, but many people forget that illnesses and diseases that arise as a direct result of the working environment also receive the same coverage. Depending on the type of work being done, employees may be at risk of different forms of illness and disease, and the following are the most common.

Defining an Occupational Disease Continue reading

The Surprising Reason Uber is in the News

The Surprising Reason that Uber Is In the News

carIt was only 15 years ago that the word “uber” was only used among young adolescents trying to convey a superlative idea. “That’s uber cool!” But the rapid rise of the company Uber has transformed the meaning of the word to now indicate a major transportation company that allows normal people to essentially serve as taxi drivers in their local area, using their own car, on their own schedule. Most people agree that the company’s concept is brilliant, but that hasn’t been enough to keep Uber out of the news for legal disputes recently. Continue reading

The Bias Involved in Evaluating Bicycle Accidents

The Bias Involved in Evaluating Bicycle Accidents

bicycle accidentIn America alone, more than 250 million cars and trucks hit the road every day to get to work, make deliveries, head for vacation, and run daily errands. Compare that number to the roughly 800,000 bicycle commuters, which make up only 62 percent of all commutes made each day. Despite growth in past years, bicycle commuters are undoubtedly the minority of the commuting world, and they are often treated as such.

When a bicyclist is involved in an accident, it’s not uncommon for law enforcement agents to quickly jump to the defense of the automobile, since the majority of police are car drivers themselves. Most of us look at the world through that perspective, failing to consider how difficult it is to navigate through a city or town on bike when bicycle accommodations are only in their beginning stages. Continue reading

Lawsuits from Shocking Causes You’ll Have Trouble Believing

Lawsuits From Shocking Causes You’ll Have Trouble Believing

lawsuitAmerica is sometimes known as the nation of lawsuits, largely because American citizens have the legal right to pursue legal action when they feel they have been wronged. This means that every day another lawsuit arises and is made public knowledge. Some are more shocking than others, and these two stories in particular are grabbing headlines because they are so unbelievable.

Nightmare Plastic Surgery

Linda Perez entered a cosmetic clinic in 2013 for a breast augmentation and left 35 minutes later in an ambulance headed for the hospital, where Perez remained in a coma for weeks. It had taken only five minutes after her anesthesia was applied at the clinic for Perez’s heart rate and blood pressure to drop so low that she became unconscious and suffered oxygen deprivation in the brain. Continue reading

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Crackdown

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Crackdown

fraudThe workers’ compensation system, also known as workman’s comp, is a tricky and complicated system to begin with, but it is being made all the more controversial as more dishonest workers are caught defrauding the system.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance held by employers to provide financial support for employees who are injured on the job. By accepting workers’ compensation money, employees agree not to pursue any legal recourse against their employers, even if the injury was the fault of the employer or company. The money provided by workers’ comp is meant to cover lost wages and medical bills during recovery, so it is not intended to be a permanent form of financial compensation. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to the Different Social Security Disability Programs

A Quick Guide to the Different Social Security Disability Programs

social security disabilityTrying to understand Social Security Disability Benefits can be an experience similar to decoding a foreign language. This guide will help you differentiate between the two forms of disability benefits available so that you can determine which is best for your situation.

Disability Benefit Type 1: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

This form of Social Security disability is based strictly upon need. Entry into the program requires that your income and resources fall below a certain level to prove that you have no other options for support but Social Security. The most important thing to know about SSI is that it does not matter if you worked and paid into the Social Security system; you can still qualify for the program regardless. Continue reading