Important Tips for Filing a Successful Personal Injury Claim

It is well known that insurance companies do everything they can to get away with paying little to no compensation after you have an accident. They are a business like any other and are out to make large profits, so if you want to be able to get the compensation you deserve for the injuries and damage you’ve suffered, you have to file a personal injury law claim very carefully. There are a number of things you have to pay attention to if you want the best chance of succeeding. Continue reading

What You Need to Know about a Personal Injury Claim

Each year, thousands of people get injured in car accidents, slip and falls, work related accidents, and a large variety of other occurrences that are classified as personal injuries. For most of these people, the best thing to do is to file a personal injury claim to get some compensation from their insurance companies. If you have suffered an accident that fits under personal injury law, then you should consider filing a claim as well. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when beginning the process. Continue reading

What You Should Do After a Fall

Slip and fall accidents can be very dangerous. You can break bones, end up with internal damage, or even die because of a bad fall. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a fall, it is important to get your personal injury law claim ready to file. This is especially important if you can’t afford to pay for the medical bills that you may acquire because of this kind of accident. We will show you the steps necessary to begin your claim. Continue reading

When Should You Consider Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer?

With all the car accidents that occur each year in this country, it is no wonder that there are so many personal injury lawyers out there today. For people who have been involved in these kinds of accidents, many times the wisest thing is to turn to car accident lawyers and have them file personal injury law claims for them. This is especially so if your experience is like any of the following: Continue reading

What to Look for in a Car Accident Attorney

Getting into a car accident is a horrible experience for everyone. Things get even more complicated if the accident was not your fault. If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s lack of attention on the road, you have the right to ask for compensation from your insurance company. To do this, the best thing you can do is hire a car accident lawyer, and we can show you how to choose the best one.

Experience and Training

The car accident lawyer you want is someone who has been in the business a long time. You want someone who has great litigation skills and who knows how personal injury law works. Continue reading

Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get a Bad Rap?

You might wonder why personal attorneys have such a bad reputation, often being called things like “ambulance chasers.” While it may seem like PI attorneys prey upon unwitting consumers immediately following traumatic events before the shock has even worn off, the truth is that personal injury attorneys provide valuable services to those who may not otherwise be aware of their rights after an accident.

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Finding the Right Nursing Home

We’ve written before about nursing home abuse and neglect, yet for many people, a nursing home becomes a requirement for a senior who can no longer take care of himself at home and whose care requires more than what a relative can provide.

Following are some things to consider when searching for the best residential care facility for your senior.

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Summer Heat Safety

It is hot here in Florida this time of year, and we’d like to remind you of a few tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the high heat and humidity of the Florida summer season.


Although it seems unimaginable that someone might forget a child in the back seat of the car, it happens each summer, often by a parent or caregiver who is not in the habit of driving the child. More often than not, these situations end in tragedy. Double-check your back seat before leaving your car!

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Home Safety for Seniors

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has stated that approximately 8,000 people will turn 65 every day through 2030. This means that many older adults will be living longer, and many want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. This is a trend AARP calls “aging in place.” However, homes can represent unexpected safety hazards that must be evaluated through the eyes and abilities of the elder.

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