Catania & Catania Launches New Website Design and Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Catania and Catania Law Firm Building Tampa BayCatania and Catania, a team of attorneys in Tampa, Florida, has announced the launch of a new website design during their celebration of 25 years in business serving the Tampa area.

Catania & Catania, P.A. has served the Tampa, Florida area since 1992 with the core mission of obtaining every injured client the best recovery and compensation possible. With a distinguished record of winning high awards and settlements on behalf of their clients, Catania & Catania is also proud to now offer an unrivaled online experience with a brand new website design. Read More

Motorcyclists are Vulnerable on the Road: Does Your Insurance Cover You?

Motorcycle riding has come to symbolize freedom, spirit, and comradery. As a favorite American pastime, it is also unfortunately a dangerous hobby that results in injury and death all too frequently. It is important for all motorcycle riders to understand their most significant vulnerabilities on the road and obtain insurance policies that will more than adequately cover any unexpected expenses. Read More

After Death, Even an Estate Can Be Sued

Miami Marlins fans were stunned last September when the death of the team’s star pitcher, Jose Fernandez, was announced suddenly after he and two friends were killed in a boat crash at Miami Beach. Now, the families of Fernandez’s two friends are suing his estate on the grounds of negligence and personal injury.

The Details of the Crash

The story of Fernandez’s boat crash has hit headlines around the country. The boat hit a jetty close to Miami Beach sometime after midnight, and Fernandez suffered blunt force injuries to his head and torso, as well as skull and jaw fractures. Furthermore, the Medical Examiner found that Fernandez was legally drunk with cocaine in his system. His two friends, Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivero, also died in the crash. It is still not clear who was piloting the boat when it crashed. Fernandez was a beloved figure on and off the field, and his death unsettled the Miami community. Read More

Business Owners, This Tool Will Help You Find Workers’ Comp Insurance

Florida’s compensation system has been undergoing many changes in the past few years. The most notable adjustment has been the higher insurance rates, now up beyond 14 percent after a recent Florida Supreme Court decision. While businesses and the Florida Chamber of Commerce are struggling to find a solution, senators warn that rates cannot be decreased without cutting health benefits, something they are unwilling to do. Read More

The Surprising Facts You Never Knew about Social Security

Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed The Social Security Act so many decades ago, Social Security has become a bedrock feature of the American financial system. In addition to keeping millions of Americans out of poverty, it has also inspired deep political and economical debates. In general, Social Security is a federal program that provides financial support in specific situations, such as retirement income, disability income, health care for those below the poverty line, and death and survivorship benefits. As one of the largest government programs across the globe, it is unimaginably complex and often surprising. Read More

Will Florida Congressman Gain Power on Motorcycle Helmet Law?

While many Florida congressmen are fighting to either ban or continue instituting red-light cameras through the state, others are focusing on an initiative to reenforce Florida’s motorcycle helmet law. Florida used to require riders to use helmets, but the law was repealed back in 2000. Today, drivers over 21 with at least $10,000 of medical coverage on their insurance policies are not required by law to wear helmets. Read More

The New Red Light Camera Controversy

Red-light cameras have become more prominent over the last ten years as lawmakers and law enforcement officers try to find the most efficient way to identify and pursue drivers who make risky decisions behind the wheel. While the initiative was meant to decrease accidents and save lives, a recent report from Florida’s state highway officials has placed red-light cameras into controversy. Read More

Florida’s Medical Malpractice Law Called Into Question

Florida’s Medical Malpractice Law Called Into Question

26007246 - criminal handcuffed medical person with lancet scalpel in handThis December, a medical malpractice law came under scrutiny by the Florida Supreme Court. The law has been volleying back and forth between doctors and the attorneys for medical malpractice plaintiffs since 2013. It allows something called “ex parte communications” to help a doctor’s defense attorney gather information regarding medical malpractice cases. “Ex parte” means that the defense attorney is able to talk directly with other doctors who have treated the patient or patients involved in the dispute. Since the patient’s attorney would not be present for such conversations, and the doctors may have treated the patients for non related issues, critics of the law argue that it is unconstitutional. Read More

3 Reasons Tractor Trailer Accidents Require Specialized Legal Help

3 Reasons Tractor Trailer Accidents Require Specialized Legal Help

tractor-trailer-accidentIt’s impossible to drive on a highway without passing at least a few dozen big trucks in the process. For better or worse, tractor trailers are the bedrock of our economy because they transport the majority of items that we are eager to buy at the store, like food, clothes, and household goods. But despite this important role in supply and demand, tractor trailers pose a major danger to other cars on the road and are all too frequently involved in tragic accidents. Due to the rules and regulations that govern truckers and their vehicles, tractor trailer accidents cannot be handled like normal car crashes and often require a lawyer to properly seek the deserved compensation. Read More

Recent Controversy Over Malpractice Compensation Limits

Recent Controversy Over Malpractice Compensation Limits

settlementThe Florida Supreme Court has spent 2016 making major decisions that impact lawsuits related to workers’ compensation and personal injury. It is currently considering a case related to non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits. In the meantime, the 2nd District Court of Appeal in a Charlotte County case ruled that limits on “noneconomic” damages in medical malpractice cases are unconstitutional.

The Significance of Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages have the potential to play a main role in many lawsuits since they include things like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and mental anguish. They have long been controversial, and in 2003 Governor Jeb Bush approved caps on noneconomic damages due to skyrocketing malpractice insurance costs for doctors at the time. Read More