Boat Accident Attorney Tampa

Help After a Boating Accident

Boating accidents are common throughout the state of Florida due to the many rivers and access to the ocean. People enjoying themselves either boating, sailing, or jet skiing don’t expect accidents to happen, but they do. The sobering reality is that the state of Florida has the highest number of deaths associated with boating and marine accidents in the United States. In just five years, over 350 people have lost their lives due to accidents on the water. The most common cause of death is from going overboard, and negligence on the part of the boat operator. If you’ve been hurt or know someone who has died from a boating accident in Florida, contact Catania & Catania today, and speak with one of our expert Tampa boating accident lawyers.

In Florida, the operator of a boat must always remain vigilant in order to prevent any type of injury or harm to any of the passengers on the boat. They must also pay close attention to other boats, swimmers, and all surrounding vessels. Some of the leading causes associated with boating accidents in Tampa involve careless operation, inattention while operating the vessel, excessive speeds, and alcohol consumption. Our Tampa boat lawyers have the experience to help you understand and pursue legal action in cases involving neglect on the water.

With so many different variables involved in any one boating accident, you must immediately consult a boating attorney to discuss your specific case with a professional. The legal rights you have when injured by a boating or marine based vessel vary according to certain factors involved in your situation. Some questions you should familiarize yourself with concerning boating accidents include identifying your relationship to the vessel itself, and what exactly took place while on the boat or marine vessel. Our Tampa boating lawyers can help you answer all of these questions at our law firm in Florida. We’ve handled many Tampa boat accident cases, and are ready to take yours on today. We’ll help guide you through the complexities involved with maritime law, and ensure that you receive the proper monetary awards based on your injuries sustained during any type of marine vehicle accident. These include boating accidents, cruise ship claims, and even jet ski injuries. If you’ve been injured, contact our Tampa marine lawyers at Catania & Catania today by phone or live chat. We’ll get you the compensation you deserve!