Dog Bite Attorney Tampa

Victim of an animal attack? We can help.

Animal attacks can happen in a moment’s notice. The most common type of animal attack would be from a dog. Dog bites are a common case scenario that happen everyday. The state of Florida has a dog bite law that states that pet owners be liable in cases where vicious animal bite attacks take place. If you, your child, or someone you know has been bitten by an animal, contact our dog bite lawyers at Catania & Catania today for more information. We’ll be able to guide you through your rights, and take action on the victim’s behalf concerning their personal injury.

Our experienced attorneys have first hand knowledge of the Florida dog bite law, and can help you seek compensation for any losses sustained as the result of an attack by any pet owned animal. Florida has a notoriously strict animal bite law that places liability squarely on the owner of the pet when an attack occurs. When pursuing legal options involving your animal bite case, our lawyers will explain your options with you and help you decide what actions should be taken as a result of the attack. We understand dog bite laws, and have handled many animal attack cases throughout the state of Florida.

Animal bites can cause serious personal injuries, especially when exotic pets are involved. Some injuries commonly seen as a result of an animal attack include facial disfigurement, infections from scratch and bite wounds, and even broken bones. If you’ve experienced an animal bite in Tampa, Florida, it’s time you seek legal action to provide compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to recover compensation for all of your medical care costs, lost income from missing work, and the pain and suffering animal bite victims must go through. The amount of compensation possible to receive differs based on the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Dog bite lawyers in Tampa can help assist you in determining what compensation you are entitled to regarding your injury claims. Catania & Catania animal bite attorneys in Florida can provide swift legal action, and help you settle your case out of court if possible with insurance companies. If you’ve been bitten by an animal, and have proof regarding the claims, contact our Tampa law office today for more information. We can schedule you a free consultation with one of our dog bite defense attorneys by calling 1-800-253-5523.