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Hospital malpractice in Tampa involves medical malpractice that occurs strictly in a hospital setting. These acts of malpractice can include medical errors by doctors, nurses, and any other hospital staff responsible for your injuries. Our experienced hospital malpractice attorneys at Catania & Catania have successfully represented numerous victims seriously injured by medical professionals in Florida hospitals. We know how to pursue your legal options effectively involving medical lawsuits, and receiving adequate compensation as a result.

There are many scenarios where medical error in a hospital setting can lead to serious injury and even death. Some of these common hospital malpractice errors include leaving tools inside a patient after surgery, giving a patient the wrong medication, infections, birth injuries, and even surgical removal of the wrong body part. If you or someone you know has suffered medical malpractice at your local hospital, contact our hospital malpractice lawyers today for more information. We have successfully received compensation in the past for clients involving their lost income wages, entire medical care costs, and pain and suffering.

Proving negligence in a hospital malpractice case is key to winning your lawsuit. There are certain factors and proof that must be demonstrated to insurance companies or the court before they will reward any monetary values. The most important aspect concerning your malpractice suit will be proving that the hospital staff misconduct directly resulted in your injuries sustained during your care. Some areas not considered hospital malpractice would be if treatment efforts were unsuccessful, or the doctor made acceptable decisions based on the information presented at the time. Our malpractice lawyers will comb through your entire case, and help you prove negligence where the outcome warrants a lawsuit.

It’s important that if you’ve suffered injuries as the result of medical error, you consult with an expert in the field immediately. There are often statute of limitations in cases involving hospital malpractice claims. If the victim does not file a case before a specific time period they will lose their opportunity to seek any compensation. If you’ve been seriously injured in a hospital, contact a hospital expert to confirm malpractice did indeed occur through an affidavit. Once verified, call our Tampa law offices and request a free consultation regarding your case.

Based on the complexity of cases involving hospital malpractice, it is critical that the victim speak with a reputable law firm at their earliest convenience. Catania & Catania believe in the rights of the victim suffering from personal injury involving Tampa medical malpractice claims. We have the resources to conduct a thorough investigation into all claims, and gather the evidence required to win your case in court, or through the insurance companies. Don’t hesitate if you, or someone you know, has suffered due to hospital malpractice errors in Florida. Call 1-800-253-5523, or speak with a live chat representative.