Negligent Management and Security Claims

Work Injury Lawyers in Tampa Bay

Negligent management and security claims fall under the category of premises liability law. For example, when someone is working at a place of employment those in control of the property have a legal duty to protect them at all times. This statement includes anything from a crack in the floor that could cause a slip and fall accident, to harmful acts such as robbery or assault by a third party. With more than 2 million injuries in the workplace each year, claims of management negligence are more common than one may think.

At Catania & Catania, our Tampa work injury lawyers are ready to take on your case and prove negligence against the property management where you suffered a personal injury. Again, every property owner has the legal duty to protect you while you’re on their property. Failure to comply causes accidents to happen, and therefore gives you the legal right to pursue damages from any injuries sustained. To help you better determine if the property owner in your case is liable for negligent security, our workplace lawyers must first evaluate your claims and prove some form of neglect existed. Examples where legal duty on behalf of the owner exists can include landlords who rent out their property to unsuspecting tenants, owners of property open to the public, and employers who invite employees to come work for them on their premises. Each of these scenarios place the possibility of negligence on the owner when something negative happens involving security injuries. If you feel your injury case falls under one of these premise liability segments, contact a Tampa work injury lawyer at our law office today for results that speak for themselves.

The second part involving negligent security cases has to do with proving that the owner breached his or her duty of providing a safe and secure environment. Our work injury attorneys know how to put together a winning case regarding negligent management practices across Tampa. We’ll help you prove that negligent security, caused by the breach of duty on behalf of the owner/management, directly resulted in the injury you’ve sustained. Compensation regarding negligent security in Florida can include any medical costs accrued, lost wages, and emotional distress caused by the injury itself.

Our team of work injury lawyers at Catania & catania will assess your case thoroughly, and help gather evidence related to your claim to win judgement on your behalf. If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury from the result of negligence security, contact us today for more information. Our toll free number is 1-800-253-5523. We also have live chat representative available during the day to answer any upfront questions you may have for us before we see you in person.