Premises Liability Injury Attorney Tampa

Premises Liability Lawyers in Tampa

When injuries happen on someone else’s property, it is known as a premise liability issue. Every property owner is responsible to some type of degree when someone injures themselves on their property. If you’ve been injured on another’s property, you should speak with an experienced premises liability law firm right away. Catania & Catania has represented many clients throughout the years in regard to their premise liability cases against negligent property owners.

Common scenarios involving Tampa premises liability include accidents such as slips and falls, unsafe property practices, and swimming pool accidents. It is the duty of the property owner or renter to ensure that their property remain safe for visitors at all times. If the person responsible for the property neglects their duty to ensure safety, they become liable for any damages sustained to an individual who injures themselves as a result. Florida premises liability law dictates that this obligation of safety by the property owner be adhered to when any and all visitors are invited onto their premises. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property you should consult with a Tampa premise liability lawyer at your earliest convenience. They will be able to properly advise you of your rights, and help you uncover your options associated with your specific injury case.

Visitors that enter another’s property are classified into three distinct categories. These groups of visitors are labeled as invitees, licensees, and trespassers. Invitees are people invited to come onto the premises of another entity. These visitors are commonly connected with grocery store patrons, and other businesses that wish to invite people onto their property. Businesses are held to the highest degree of care involving premises liability as a result. Licensees are your friends, family, and neighbors who you invite over to your home. As the property owner you are expected to provide a safe environment for your guests. Trespassers are also owed a duty of care. These are people who go onto another’s property uninvited. Typically, property owners aren’t responsible in these cases unless they have something potentially dangerous on their property to entice people into entering. An example of this in Florida would be an open swimming pool.

It is crucial to employ the assistance of an experienced premises liability lawyer in cases involving injury on someone else’s property. There are specific aspects concerning premise liability in Tampa that must be proven in order to receive any type of compensation as a result. These include proof that the level of duty the property owner owed to you was breached, and negligence on their part directly contributed to the injury sustained by the victim. At Catania & Catania, we’re equipped with both the resources and professional grade lawyers necessary to help prove negligence in your own unique premise liability case in Tampa.

Don’t accept any injury that should have been prevented on another’s property. You deserve the right to compensation associated with any medical costs, lost wages, and mental distress you may have endured as a result of your injuries. Whether it was a slip and fall accident, animal bite, or the result of negligent management, you are entitled to pursue full legal action regarding such premise liability cases. For more information on premises liability law in Florida, contact our Tampa law offices today at 1-800-253-5523. We’re always available to help answer any questions you may have regarding your premise liability legal claim.