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Prescription Drug Malpractice Lawyers

Negligence involving prescription drugs occurs when the wrong medication is given to a patient, or they receive the wrong dosage amount. Prescription drug malpractice can also happen when doctors and pharmacists fail to account for known drug allergies or harmful drug interactions with other medications a patient is taking. All of these reasons have the possibility of contributing towards a solid prescription drug malpractice case. If your situation sounds familiar to the above, contact Catania & Catania today to speak about your possible legal actions concerning your claims.

Due in part to the high number of prescriptions filled each day, prescription drug negligence is a rising epidemic in Florida. Unfortunately, the consequences of drug negligence can often be deadly. According to pharmacy experts, a big part of the prescription drug problem is that there aren’t enough pharmacists to meet prescription filling demands. The frequency in which physicians change out generic and brand name prescriptions also contributes to prescription drug malpractice in pharmacies as a common drug may have multiple names. In national studies, over 85% of all errors involving prescription drugs could have been prevented entirely. The reasons behind the errors include the wrong drug being dispensed, wrong strength, and wrong directions on the bottle. Each of these medical drug errors should not happen as often as they currently do.

With all of these prescription drug errors come serious injuries to those taking the wrong pills. Common results of taking the wrong medication include organ damage, severe illness, and even death. When you, or someone you love, has taken the wrong medication due to prescription drug malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for any and all injuries sustained as a result. Speak with one our experienced Tampa drug attorneys today to learn what your options are. Claims for compensation can include any medical bills caused by taking the wrong drugs, lost income, and the pain and suffering one must go through.

Prescription drug malpractice is a serious threat throughout the health industry. With over 10% of all prescription drugs being given in error, cases involving malpractice will only rise. For more information regarding claims based on medical error and drug negligence, contact Catania & Catania law offices today. With over 20 years of experience serving Tampa, Florida, our defense lawyers are the best in the state. We work hard to seek compensation, and win your case without having to go to court. Call 1-800-253-5523 today to speak with someone who can help set up your consultation immediately. You can also speak with our live chat representative to have any of your questions answered online.