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When you or a loved one suffers from emotional or mental trauma, a psychiatrist is expected to help you recover from your trauma. In some circumstances, you may find yourself the victim of a psychiatrist’s neglect or abuse. Abuse of trust towards a victim after suffering from a traumatic incident is unacceptable. Many cases of psychiatric medical malpractice are never reported because the victims are already emotionally unstable or uncertain of their own mental condition. Patients may find that their complaints about psychiatric malpractice are dismissed as paranoia or exaggeration of circumstances. Sometimes even family members fail to listen when you tell them your concerns. If you feel you’ve been the victim of psychiatric medical malpractice, contact an experienced psychiatric lawyer capable of helping you today. At Catania & Catania we have the resources available to examine your case thoroughly, and help you find resolution.

Our Florida psychiatric malpractice attorneys work diligently with victims who have suffered at the hands of their own psychiatrist. Some examples of malpractice conducted by a psychiatrist can include verbal threats, the exposure or sharing information without patient consent, medical prescription pill error, and failure to diagnose a potentially serious condition. If you feel like your situation involves any of the above scenarios, you may entitled to seek compensation regarding your claims. Allow one of our tampa lawyers to examine your claims, and help you uncover the evidence needed to present your case to insurance companies or court.

There are no circumstances where a patient should feel abused or neglected by their psychiatrist. Medical professionals have a strict duty of care to each of their patients, and are even required to take an oath of responsibility regarding their patient’s needs. We understand how difficult it can be to proceed in cases where your medical treatment is being neglected. However, remember that your treatment concerning a psychiatrist is designed to help your condition improve and remain strictly confidential. Anything otherwise should be considered a breach of trust, and possible malpractice on the part of your psychiatric care provider.

If you have suffered negligence or mistreatment at the hands of a psychiatrist or psychiatric staff member, you should contact a medical malpractice attorney immediately at Catania & Catania. Our experienced Tampa psychiatric attorneys can help you take the appropriate steps toward the compensation and justice that you deserve as a victim of an inexcusable type of medical malpractice. To contact our Florida law office today please call 1-800-253-5523, or click on our live chat services to speak with a representative online.

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