3 Important Things to Know If You Are Injured On the Job

Regardless of where you work, whether it’s in front of your computer or in a steel factory, you are at risk of suffering from an unexpected injury. Some professions like construction have higher rates of injury, but the truth is that slip and fall accidents are possible anywhere.

If you do suffer from a serious injury while on the job, make sure you understand the workers’ compensation program available to meet your financial needs. You shouldn’t be responsible for the costs of your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses caused by your injury!

How Do I Know If I Have a Workplace Injury?

A workplace injury is recognized by the workers’ compensation program as any injury or disease that occurs and develops due to the conditions and environment of your job. For example, a mechanic might tear his ACL while stretching to fix a car, or an electrician might fall from a ladder while completing an installation.

Since workers’ compensation covers nearly all injuries, regardless of fault, you can still receive compensation for an injury that wasn’t caused by someone else. The only injuries that are excluded from receiving workers’ compensation insurance are those that occur as a result of you breaking company regulations, committing a crime, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What Benefits Can Workers’ Comp Provide?

Workers’ compensation is designed to handle your financial obligations that result from your injury. This includes hospital bills, medical expenses, and disability payments while you are unable to work. Most employees receive about two-thirds of their regular salary during their workers’ compensation period. It is also possible to receive compensation for rehabilitation, retraining, and other situational benefits.

How Can You Fight a Claim Denial?

Many workers’ compensation claims are approved without issue through medical malpractice, but it’s possible that your employer or insurance company will deny your claim or hold up the process over weeks or months. If you believe you are the victim of an unfair denial or delay, contact an attorney to defend your case and help you obtain all the compensation you deserve.

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