3 Reasons You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Tampa

workers compensationYour job is meant to provide you with a salary and safe environment, but you may nonetheless endure an injury or disease as a result of your workplace conditions. Florida law dictates workers’ compensation so that it provides a low-conflict means for employees injured on the job to recover their losses. However, not all workers’ compensation cases are settled quickly and easily. You may find that an experienced Tampa workers’ compensation attorney can help you recover more compensation and resolve your case quickly.

You Must Prove Your Injury Occurred On the Job

The workers’ compensation program makes it possible for employees injured on the job to receive compensation in exchange for waiving their right to sue their employers. This allows a relatively swift resolution to issues that might otherwise lead to drawn out court battles. Since fault does not matter, it simply must be proven that any injury or disease in question did occur or develop as a result of workplace conditions. For example, if a heavy box falls on an Amazon warehouse employee or a construction worker falls off of a roof. An attorney will guide you through the steps to prove the authenticity of your injury so that your employer’s insurance company does not attempt to dismiss your injury.

You Must Fight For Enough Compensation

In addition to proving your injury is authentic, you also must identify the appropriate amount of compensation. This process isn’t always straightforward. You don’t want to run the risk of expecting too much or too little. With an attorney’s help, you can properly calculate the compensation to which you are entitled and demand that amount from the insurance company. Using a lawyer gives you a much better chance of obtaining the most compensation possible for your situation.

Don’t Let An Insurance Company Take Advantage Of You

Insurance companies will always avoid spending money if possible, so your employer’s insurance company probably won’t hesitate to minimize the settlement you receive. Hiring a lawyer to handle your case will show any insurance company that you mean business. You’ll have the advice and guidance necessary to handle your case with a cohesive strategy.

The attorneys at Catania and Catania in Tampa, Florida have been successfully handling difficult workers’ compensation cases for more than two decades. They are ready to help you obtain as much compensation for your injury as possible. Call 1-800-253-5523 now to schedule your free consultation.

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