3 Reasons Tractor Trailer Accidents Require Specialized Legal Help

3 Reasons Tractor Trailer Accidents Require Specialized Legal Help

tractor-trailer-accidentIt’s impossible to drive on a highway without passing at least a few dozen big trucks in the process. For better or worse, tractor trailers are the bedrock of our economy because they transport the majority of items that we are eager to buy at the store, like food, clothes, and household goods. But despite this important role in supply and demand, tractor trailers pose a major danger to other cars on the road and are all too frequently involved in tragic accidents. Due to the rules and regulations that govern truckers and their vehicles, tractor trailer accidents cannot be handled like normal car crashes and often require a lawyer to properly seek the deserved compensation.

Consider the Causes

Unlike vehicle crashes that occur between cars of approximately the same size, tractor trailers of 80,000 pounds or more collide with cars that are only about 4,000 pounds. This drastically different size and weight can contribute to severe harm and death in tractor trailer accidents. Tractor trailers also have poorer braking ability, reduced maneuverability, and potentially flammable, explosive, or hazardous cargo that can transform an accident from awful into horrifying. Since the causes of a tractor trailer accident are so unique, a lawyer is the best person to assess the situation and know how to move forward.

Select the Right Defendants

One of the biggest reasons to use a lawyer to handle a tractor trailer accident involves the identification of the correct defendants. Unlike car crashes, which typically are only the responsibility of the driver, tractor trailer accidents might also involve the truck company, government officials, and other business entities such as the company that manufactured the truck’s parts or provided maintenance services. If all of the defendants are not included at the beginning of the lawsuit, they probably cannot be added later.

Prove Fault

Since tractor trailer accidents are unfortunately common, trucking companies and their insurance providers keep investigators and attorneys on standby to respond to each accident and pending lawsuit. It takes an attorney to fight these powers and cut through their defenses.

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