When Working Hurts: Common Construction Site Accidents

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. We all know this. What we may not realize is that construction jobs (in all trades) are some of the most hazardous, and accounted for over 18 percent of workplace fatalities in 2010. Historically, 1 in 4 construction workers are injured on the job each year in non-fatal accidents. This certainly represents a dangerous occupation.

It does not take a great imagination to understand why these jobs are so dangerous. On any given construction site there are heavy machines, sharp tools, power tools, scaffolding, trip hazards, electrical hazards, and many other potential dangers. While any of these can cause harm, some hazards seem to cause more injuries than others. (more…)

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Nursing Homes and Financial Exploitation

When our parents and grandparents require residence in nursing homes, we expect that they will be cared for properly. In a perfect world, that is exactly what would happen. But, as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world and elder abuse happens each and every day in America. One of the most common forms of elder abuse is financial exploitation. In fact, this is one of the most quickly growing forms of abuse that the elderly face, and it often goes unreported.

In simple terms, financial exploitation occurs when someone (either within a nursing home or without) uses an elderly person’s money illegally or improperly. It can also involve using the person’s other assets or property. These acts are crimes, and there is no other way of putting it. The good news is there are steps that can help protect the elderly from these acts. (more…)

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The Long, Long Road to Social Security Disability

There are millions of Americans currently on Social Security Disability Benefits. Many of these individuals can tell stories of how long and difficult it was for them to finally get their benefits, and these were for legitimate claims. It is no secret that the process one must often go through can be confusing and challenging at times. This article takes a look at some of the more common issues you may face and how you can address those issues.

One of the more important issues to know about before doing anything is what constitutes a disability? Not every health problem will qualify. In simple terms, to be considered for benefits under SSI, you must have a qualifying impairment that is either medical, psychiatric, or psychological in nature. (more…)

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But I Barely Bumped Him: Rear-end Collisions and Back Injuries

Many people are surprised to learn that even a low-speed collision can result in pain and injury under certain circumstances. This can be especially true in certain types of rear-end collisions. For the purposes of this article, low-speed is any speed between 2 mph and 25 mph. Moderate is 25 to 40, and high speed would be anything over 40 mph.

It has been suggested by some experts that as much as 85 percent of neck injuries that are seen in medical facilities are caused by auto crashes, and that of that number the vast majority are from rear-end collisions. What surprised many people is that many of these injuries are caused in collisions where the speed was reported between 5 and 10 mph. In addition to speed, other factors are important as well. These include: (more…)

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