Best Practices for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Best Practices for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

22691739 - two man wearing raincoat riding motorcycleRain might be comforting when you’re inside curled under a blanket, but when it starts to pour in the middle of your Sunday motorcycle ride, things can get messy. Don’t worry, thoughwith the right precautions, you can ride safely in the rain. You just might get a little wet in the process.

Maintain Your Visibility

As any biker knows, visibility is the first thing to become compromised when the rain begins. It’s hard enough to see through the rain in a car with windshield wipers, making it even more of a struggle on a motorcycle. If you aren’t already using a windscreen and visor that are treated to wick away water, you should buy one of the number of aftermarket products available to maximize visibility in the rain. Once you’ve treated everything to repel fog and rain, you’ll be able to see as clearly as possible through the stormy weather.

Don’t Ride Without Protection

There’s warm summer rain showers, and then there’s frigid, gloomy-day storms. A short summer rainfall might feel refreshing, but most rainstorms are going to leave you shivering and uncomfortable. This is why it’s so important to travel with gloves that will keep your hands warm and dry. Considering that your hands are solely responsible for operating your motorcycle and preventing you from losing control, protected hands are the best tool for accident prevention in the rain.

Along those lines, the rest of your body deserves to stay dry as well. Nobody enjoys going for a ride feeling like a drowned rat. Try to travel with dedicated rain gear or at least opt for a jacket that is waterproof. Your boots are also important to consider, since your feet need to shift gears and apply the brake without slipping. Opt for a pair of boots that can withstand being pounded by rain and road debris without becoming a safety hazard.

And as always, ride smart and share the road! A rain storm isn’t the time to be zooming down the shoulder of the road or zigzagging between cars.


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