Boating Accidents – Stay Safe This Summer!

Thousands of people are seriously injured due to boat accidents in Florida each year. Many of these accidents on the water sadly also result in death. The most common reason for these types of tragedies is due to operator error which account for the majority of 70 percent of boat accidents. If you have suffered disability, permanent injuries, or if you have lost someone due to another’s negligence, then you can take legal action to pursue compensation from the responsible party at fault.

At Catania & Catania we have successfully pursued boating accident cases in the past, and have the knowledge behind us to help you and your family deal with the legal proceedings surrounding your specific case.

Some Common Factors Leading To Boat Accidents
Boat accident happens due to these reasons:

  • Lack Of Driving Experience
  • Driving Error
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Unfavorable Water Or Weather Conditions
  • Equipment or Machine Failure

No matter what the reason for the boat accident is, it does not free the operator and the owner of the boat from the liability of providing compensation to the victims. It is a general rule of the law that the operator and the owner must take precautions to keep their passengers and other people in the area safe at all times. Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean those who have suffered as a result should forgo legal action in appropriate cases.

What Legal Actions Should You Take?
You can take legal action against the individual who brought you pain and suffering, disabilities and permanent injuries due to a boat accident. You can also ask for compensation if you have lost someone due to a boat accident. You should know that any injuries and related expenses wherein you are not at fault entitle you to seek compensation through engaging in legal procedures. Your first step in taking proper legal action is by speaking with one of our Tampa boat accident attorneys. We’ll sit with you, and answer any of your questions regarding your unique circumstances.

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?
You can obtain compensation from the liable individual for any injuries or fatalities that occur in a boating or marine accident. Monetary awards, providing compensation for lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitative therapy, and any cost related to the injury may be granted to the victim or the victim’s family. The exact amount of compensation can not be accurately estimated because it changes with each and every boating case. The amount awarded for compensation is determined by the severity of the accident, and what juries or insurance companies decide to offer. Our boat attorneys at Catania & Catania work hard to obtain maximum financial compensation for each of our clients.

Contact Our Tampa Law Offices For More Information
We understand the complexities involved in boating accident cases, and can help you resolve your legal issues quickly with our expertise in personal injury law. Our Florida lawyers are willing and ready to examine your case, and recommend the best options for moving forward. We work one on one with each of our clients, and ensure that you’ll receive the best treatment available at our law offices. To schedule a consultation please call us today at 1-877-913-2081 or visit our contact page.

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