Can Customizing Your Motorcycle Be Dangerous?

Can Customizing Your Motorcycle Be Dangerous?

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If you ride a motorcycle, then you probably take great pride in your bike’s appearance. When you talk to your friends about going home to “take care of your baby,” they know you’re talking about your motorcycle, right? So the big question is, can customizing your below motorcycle actually cause more danger for you as you ride?

About Motorcycle Customization

When you customize your motorcycle, you are changing its stylistic and/or structural traits so that it no longer looks like a standard mass-produced bike. You may want to customize your bike in order to reflect your personality and help your motorcycle make more of a statement. A new seat or set of wheels, strip lights, heated grips, and a unique exhaust pipe are all examples of motorcycle customizations.

The Dangers of Customization

Customizing a motorcycle often requires stripping the bike down and rebuilding its components, but this can alter its balance and center of gravity. A new center of gravity is more likely to cause accidents because steering and riding will become more difficult.

In addition, custom bikes most likely use new and aftermarket parts, both of which increase the chances that a defective part will cause problems in the future. In fact, a multitude of customized parts violate federal standards and pose a major risk to users. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency try to monitor all parts but their budgets are restrictive. Considering that motorcyclists are 25 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a crash, customizing motorcycles with questionable aftermarket parts only makes this risk more intense.

Play it Safe

Customizing your motorcycle is part of the joy of owning a bike, so just make sure you handle your customizations wisely. Stay on the lookout for manufacturer recall notices, warped and cracked parts, and warning signs of mechanical trouble. Have your bike inspected by an expert before riding as well.


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