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Our goal is to provide you with the most information to help you make the best decisions. We will review your case and provide you with an estimate for the value of your case. This information will go a long way in helping you decide if you want to pursue the case.

$6,000,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaJul-02
$3,000,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaOct-12
$2,900,000.00Personal InjuryPeter F. CataniaJan-16
$2,417,965.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaJan-08
$1,500,000.00PedestrianPeter F. CataniaApr-12
$1,392,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaSep-12
$1,250,000.00Auto AccidentRobert SamartinFeb-19
$1,110,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaOct-09
$1,100,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaMar-12
$1,100,000.00Premise LiabilityPaul B. CataniaAug-99
$1,075,000.00Medical MalpracticePaul B. CataniaJul-01
$1,000,000.00Personal InjuryPaul B. CataniaOct-15
$900,000.00NursingPaul B. CataniaAug-00
$900,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJun-02
$886,100.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaAug-16
$875,000.00Auto AccidentRobert SamartinNov-12
$825,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaAug-09
$805,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaAug-09
$750,000.00Auto NegligencePeter F. CataniaJun-93
$730,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJan-11
$726,000.00Slip/FallPaul B. CataniaJan-05
$707,547.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaApr-04
$700,000.00Premise LiabilityPaul B. CataniaJan-04
$700,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaMay-10
$650,00.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaDec-17
$600,00.00Personal Injury / Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJul-19
$600,00.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaNov-13
$591,276.57Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaJun-06
$576,000.00Auto AccidentJoseph D. CataniaNov-19
$570,000.00Auto NegligencePaul B. CataniaDec-94
$554,123.16Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaJan-08
$540,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaFeb-00
$534,000.00Auto AccidentRobert A. SamartinAug-10
$527,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaMar-04
$500,000.00Premise LiabilityPaul B. CataniaAug-07
$500,000.00Motorcycle AccidentRobert SamartinMar-19
$500,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedFeb-10
$500,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaApr-18
$500,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSept-11
$495,340.00Auto AccidentRobert SamartinMay-12
$490,000.00Auto AccidentRobert SamartinMay-12
$450,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSep-14
$450,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaMar-99
$450,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaMay-01
$450,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaDec-07
$450,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaOct-08
$425,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJul-16
$425,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaDec-10
$420,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaAug-09
$405,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaOct-14
$400,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaSep-18
$400,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaApr-17
$400,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaApr-11
$390,000.00BicyclePaul B. CataniaApr-99
$375,000.00Auto AccidentRobert A. SamaratinDec-17
$375,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaApr-06
$360,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaOct-17
$351,000.00Premise LiabilityPeter F. CataniaSept-05
$350,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaFeb-18
$350,000.00Auto AccidentRobert A. SamartinOct-14
$350,000.00NursingPeter F. CataniaFeb-06
$350,000.00Auto AccidentBruce M. KleinbergMay-09
$350,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaApr-12
$337,500.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaApr-04
$325,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaMar-19
$325,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaJul-17
$325,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaOct-11
$309,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaAug-03
$300,000.00Auto AccidentJoseph D. CataniaApr-19
$300,000.00Auto AccidentRobert SamartinFeb-19
$300,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaOct-18
$300,000.00Auto AccidentRobert A. SamartinJun-14
$300,000.00Ped/AutoPeter F. CataniaJan-99
$300,000.00NursingPeter F. CataniaJan-02
$300,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaDec-02
$300,000.00PremisesPaul S. ReedMar-04
$300,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedSep-06
$300,000.00Wrong DeathPeter F. CataniaAug-09
$300,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJan-11
$285,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaOct-17
$275,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSept-13
$275,000.00Product LiabilityPaul B. CataniaJul-04
$275,000.00NursingPeter F. CataniaJan-05
$275,000.00Auto AccidentBruce M. KleinbergSep-08
$275,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaDec-08
$270,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJan-17
$270,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSep-10
$269,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaSep-11
$265,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaJan-07
$260,000.00Slip&FallPeter F. CataniaSep-01
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSep-17
$250,000.00Premise LiabilityPaul B. CataniaJun-00
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaNov-00
$250,000.00NursingPaul B. CataniaDec-03
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaJan-06
$250,000.00NursingPeter F. CataniaApr-06
$250,000.00Auto AccidentBruce M. KleinbergMay-07
$250,000.00Auto AccidentBruce M. KleinbergNov-06
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaMay-07
$250,000.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaDec-07
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedDec-07
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJan-09
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedFeb-09
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaOct-09
$250,000.00Product LiabilityPaul B. CataniaNov-11
$250,000.00Auto AccidentRobert A. SamartinOct-11
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedMar-09
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaSep-11
$250,000.00Auto AccidentPaul S. ReedNov-11
$245,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJan-09
$240,000.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaJul-09
$237,500.00Auto AccidentPaul B. CataniaMar-03
$235,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaSep-05
$225,000.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaApr-03
$225,000.00Premise LiabilityPaul B. CataniaOct-07
$212,500.00Auto AccidentPeter F. CataniaDec-18
$212,500.00Medical MalpracticePeter F. CataniaApr-02


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