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What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents in Florida

Bicycle accidents are  much more common than you might think. When most people think of bicycle accidents, they think of scraped knees and the like that occur with children every day. Yet there are some bicycle accidents that are much more severe, and they can even lead to death. Here’s what you need to know if you or your loved one has been in a bicycle accident.

Determining the Cause

It is important to determine the cause of the bicycle accident, so that it becomes clear who is at fault. Paul Catania, a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer says If the bicycle accident was caused by unmarked potholes in the street, the city might be responsible for the injuries. If the bicycle accident was caused by a car swerving or failing to stop or yield, it could be the fault of the driver. There are a number of ways that bicycle accidents can happen, but knowing who is involved and who was negligent is important to your potential case. Read More

The Bias Involved in Evaluating Bicycle Accidents

The Bias Involved in Evaluating Bicycle Accidents

bicycle accidentIn America alone, more than 250 million cars and trucks hit the road every day to get to work, make deliveries, head for vacation, and run daily errands. Compare that number to the roughly 800,000 bicycle commuters, which make up only 62 percent of all commutes made each day. Despite growth in past years, bicycle commuters are undoubtedly the minority of the commuting world, and they are often treated as such.

When a bicyclist is involved in an accident, it’s not uncommon for law enforcement agents to quickly jump to the defense of the automobile, since the majority of police are car drivers themselves. Most of us look at the world through that perspective, failing to consider how difficult it is to navigate through a city or town on bike when bicycle accommodations are only in their beginning stages. Read More

What Are Your Options In a Bicycle Accident?

Of course you know what happens when you’re involved in a fender bender in your vehicle. The insurance of the individual who ran into you will pay for the damages to your car, plus any medical bills you may incur. But what happens if you’re on a bicycle and an individual in a car hits you and knocks you off your bike? Lots of people feel that just because there’s no insurance involved in bicycle ownership they have no option for coverage in this situation occurs. Fortunately for you this is never the case.

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You’ve Been Knocked off Your Bike – Now What?

You were riding down the road on your bike following the proper laws and out of the blue you found yourself knocked down and staring up at the sky. A crowd formed, the ambulance showed up and you had no idea what could have just happened. Once you arrived at the hospital and had your injuries addressed you were ready to find out more about compensation. A person that is riding along on his bike enjoying a gentle breeze on his face should not have to endure this trauma without some type of restitution.

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Personal Injury Due to Bicycle Accidents

Many injuries happen that entitle you to some type of compensation, such as bicycle accidents for example. The victims of an accident that are not at fault can often pursue a case entitling them to damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and even lost wages. Bicycle accidents fall into the road accident category, which is the most common for personal injury claims.

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