Boat Safety and What to Do When Disaster Strikes

Summer is upon us, and with it comes times spent out on the water. It is very important that you take all safety measures while out on a boat, whether it is your own or one you have hired. There are over 600 boating accidents per year in Florida alone. Yet even when you follow all boat safety measures, disaster can still strike. Here’s what you need to know about boat safety and what to do in an accident.

Make Sure the Boat is Safe

Whether the boat you are going to be on is your own, one you have hired, or piloted by someone else, you still have a responsibility to make sure that the boat is safe. It should be in good repair to the best of your knowledge, as well as have necessary amenities such as life jackets and an emergency raft. If you are not familiar with boats, simply give the boat a once over and make sure that nothing seems amiss. (more…)

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New Evidence in Baseball Star’s Boating Accident Could Influence Wrongful Death Suits

When Marlins baseball star Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident last year, it sent shockwaves through his Florida community. Not only did the Marlins lose a beloved pitcher, but the athlete left behind his girlfriend who was pregnant with his daughter. In the months following the crash, experts could not definitively identify what had caused the boat to crash, but it was revealed that Fernandez and another passenger both had alcohol and cocaine in their systems. (more…)

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After Death, Even an Estate Can Be Sued


Miami Marlins fans were stunned last September when the death of the team’s star pitcher, Jose Fernandez, was announced suddenly after he and two friends were killed in a boat crash at Miami Beach. Now, the families of Fernandez’s two friends are suing his estate on the grounds of negligence and personal injury.

The Details of the Crash

The story of Fernandez’s boat crash has hit headlines around the country. The boat hit a jetty close to Miami Beach sometime after midnight, and Fernandez suffered blunt force injuries to his head and torso, as well as skull and jaw fractures. Furthermore, the Medical Examiner found that Fernandez was legally drunk with cocaine in his system. His two friends, Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivero, also died in the crash. It is still not clear who was piloting the boat when it crashed. Fernandez was a beloved figure on and off the field, and his death unsettled the Miami community. (more…)

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Boating Accidents – Stay Safe This Summer!

Thousands of people are seriously injured due to boat accidents in Florida each year. Many of these accidents on the water sadly also result in death. The most common reason for these types of tragedies is due to operator error which account for the majority of 70 percent of boat accidents. If you have suffered disability, permanent injuries, or if you have lost someone due to another’s negligence, then you can take legal action to pursue compensation from the responsible party at fault.


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