What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

You may think that if you have an accident you don’t really need a lawyer. After all, that is what insurance is for, right? Actually, there are some very good reasons to get a personal injury lawyer when you have an accident, even if it should be covered by insurance. There are several things that a lawyer can do for you in these situations.

Determine Fault or Negligence

If your accident could have been caused by the negligence of another party, that other party could be responsible for paying for your injuries and related expenses. Yet sometimes, such as with auto accidents, proving fault can be difficult. Without proving fault, you cannot determine which insurance company, if any, is supposed to pay on the claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the system and determine who is liable. (more…)

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Should You Use a Florida Lawyer Who Works on Contingency?

Hiring a talented and experienced attorney is one of the most important steps you need to take after a car accident, but if you’re like most Americans, you don’t have enough extra money to spare to pay a retainer fee. This is why it’s so helpful to find a personal injury lawyer who works on contingency. Make sure you understand what it means for an attorney to work on contingency and how it could help you get the legal representation you need.

What Does It Mean to Work on Contingency?

If a Sarasota Florida attorney works on contingency, he is willing to provide all of the legal services you need without charging any upfront costs. This could save you thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket!

Instead of paying a retainer fee or monthly installments, your attorney simply receives a certain percentage of your compensation award if you win your case. However, if you lose your case, you don’t receive any compensation and neither does your attorney. Most of the attorneys who work on contingency do so for legal claims that seek financial damages for injuries, such as personal injury or wrongful death after a DUI accident. (more…)

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What Does It Mean When Lawyers Take a Case “On Contingency”

There’s no way to predict when you might suddenly become the victim in a life-altering accident, which means that you may find yourself needing an attorney but lacking the money to pay a retainer. This is why it’s so important to utilize a law firm like Catania and Catania that works on a contingency fee basis.

What Does It Mean to Work on Contingency? (more…)

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Catania & Catania Launches New Website Design and Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Catania and Catania Law Firm Building Tampa BayCatania and Catania, a team of attorneys in Tampa, Florida, has announced the launch of a new website design during their celebration of 25 years in business serving the Tampa area.

Catania & Catania, P.A. has served the Tampa, Florida area since 1992 with the core mission of obtaining every injured client the best recovery and compensation possible. With a distinguished record of winning high awards and settlements on behalf of their clients, Catania & Catania is also proud to now offer an unrivaled online experience with a brand new website design. (more…)

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Do You Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Auto accidents happen all the time, but they can often be avoided. If you think someone was negligent or didn’t do what was necessary to prevent the accident, then you might want to consult with a personal injury lawyer to guide you through getting the appropriate compensation. Now, there is one caveat. You shouldn’t contact a personal injury lawyer if the damage was very minor, or if you feel the insurance company for the other party is justly compensating you. (more…)

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When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’re hurt in an auto accident because the other driver did something wrong and was at fault, or because he was extremely negligent, there is no sure guarantee that your medical costs will be covered by the other driver’s auto insurance company. Even if you are paid, you might not get the money you deserve, and you will end up having to foot some of the bill in that case. (more…)

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Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Not every single claim you are considering filing against someone or some corporate entity needs an attorney. That is determined on a case-by-case basis (pun intended). The circumstances, facts, and type of case will dictate whether you need to hire a personal injury attorney. For example, if you get into an auto accident in which the other driver was at fault, and the other driver has an insurance policy that will not totally compensate you for your injuries, then you will probably do well in dealing with the claim without a lawyer. (more…)

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