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Three Pieces of Evidence for a Successful Slip-and-Fall Case

Most of the time, a slip-and-fall accident on someone’s property is a minor affair. You might get up and dust yourself off, with a bit of a bruise or scrape and nothing more, yet some slip-and-fall accidents can lead to severe injuries such as broken bones, dislocated joints, head injury, or even death. When you have a slip-and-fall accident related to someone else’s negligence, you have a right to compensation. Here are three pieces of evidence you’ll want to gather in order to be successful in your case.

Pictures of the Scene and Hazard

It is very important that you get pictures of the scene and the hazard that caused your slip-and-fall accident. Hazards that cause accidents are often corrected quickly so that no one else will get hurt, so it is important to get these pictures as quickly as possible. If anything about the environment changes between your accident and the time you are able to take pictures, make sure to make notes of the changes on the pictures themselves. Read More

Important Health and Safety Advice for Officers That Often Gets Missed

Important Health and Safety Advice for Offices That Often Gets Missed

It’s easy to overlook health and safety in an office environment seeing as most offices don’t present much in the way of immediate danger – unlike something like a construction site for instance. But just because there is nothing that can collapse in an office and there is no scaffolding for people to fall off of, that doesn’t mean that offices don’t also need to consider health and safety just as much.

Traffic Lanes

Your traffic lanes are the pathways through your office that will be most often walked. These include the route from one door to another for instance.

In an office, it’s important that you have a clear route from one door to the other and try to avoid such things as jutting out corners of desks that might otherwise cause injury should someone bump into them.

Likewise, you should think about where people are most likely to trip and fall and avoid glass and other dangerous materials in these spots. In particular, any low glass should be safety glass.


Health and safety doesn’t just apply to all the ways that people can injure themselves – it also applies to the mental health of staff. To avoid having to pay out workers comp and to ensure you get the most from your team, it’s crucial your work environment is one that people will be happy working in.

To this end you should make sure there is enough light getting into your office, that your chairs are comfortable, that deadlines aren’t too strict and consider the use of plants which have been shown to reduce stress symptoms.


Finally, make sure that your team are all given the best training and advice when it comes to avoiding injury and illness as well as dealing with crises when they do occur.

Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Injury

According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over one million Americans are injured in slip and fall accidents each year. Of these, 17,000 die from their injuries. No matter if the fall happens from high up or ground level, there is a huge risk for suffering serious injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

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