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Florida Chiropractic Injury Malpractice Lawyers

Chiropractic work can be beneficial to people suffering from a wide range of problems. But occasionally, things can and do go wrong. What began as a simple back adjustment can turn into a chiropractic injury. Chiropractic malpractice cases are fairly unusual, but when they occur the consequences can be very serious.

Injuries from Chiropractic Work

One of the most severe and most common injuries that can be caused by a chiropractor is a stroke from neck manipulations. Although symptoms often present almost immediately in these patients, chiropractors do not always recognize or appropriately respond to the signs of stroke. Many people will go home with these symptoms, and later end up in the emergency room being treated for a stroke. For others, the stroke may prove fatal.

Other types of injuries that can be caused by chiropractic work include:

  • A compression of the nerves in the lower spinal column
  • A herniated disk or worsening of an existing hernia
  • A ruptured disk
  • Fractured back due to failure to recognize or account for other medical issues

Tampa Bay Chiropractic Injury Attorneys

If you have been hurt or a loved one has died from a chiropractic injury that occurred because the provider was negligent, you may be entitled to compensation for things like:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

During your free consultation, an attorney can explain in more detail the type of compensation you may be entitled to receive for your injuries.

Speak to Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Most people think of doctors, nurses and hospitals when they hear “malpractice.” However, many other types of medical providers, including chiropractors, can be liable for malpractice if they fail to live up to the standards of their profession.

Many chiropractic injury clients have questions such as:

  • Can I file a malpractice claim against my chiropractor?
  • Are there other parties who may be responsible for my injury?
  • Do I have a strong chiropractic injury case?
  • What type of compensation might I be entitled to?

A chiropractic malpractice case can be overwhelming, particularly if you are still recovering from injuries. That’s just one reason it is to your benefit to have an attorney who is experienced in malpractice claims at your side.

Time Limit for Your Tampa Chiropractic Malpractice Case

The statute of limitations for a malpractice case is shorter than the four-year period allowed to file most personal injury cases. Regardless of the legal deadline, however, it is more beneficial to you to speak with a malpractice attorney right away. Destroyed or lost evidence, hazy recollection of events or not being able to find key witnesses are some prime examples of factors that could work against you if you wait too long to contact an attorney.

Our Attorneys Can Direct Your Case and Reduce Your Stress

A chiropractic injury case can be tricky and confusing. It is very easy for an inexperienced chiropractic injury victim to make serious mistakes that can impact their claims. Let us take some of that burden off your shoulders. Just contact us at 1-800-253-5523 or filling out the free consultation form on this page to learn more about how we can help you pursue fair compensation.


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