When it Comes to Motorcycle Safety, Florida Has Some Work to Do

motorcycle-1With its warm and sunny weather, Florida is the perfect spot for motorcycle enthusiasts to hop on their bikes and enjoy a ride. However, the statistics regarding motorcycle accidents in Florida are alarming. Motorcycle riders account for 7 percent of the state’s motor population, but they are involved in 19 percent of fatal accidents. Unfortunately, this data has led Florida to be named the most deadly state for motorcyclists in America.

Why are motorcycle riders so at risk in Florida, and what can be done to stop the danger? The responsibility lies on the shoulders of bikers and car drivers alike. For their part, motorcycle riders need to wear helmets and protective clothing and drive in a way that does not place them in danger of being hit by a car. The aspects of motorcycles that make them so exhilarating, like being open to the air and lightning fast, also make motorcycle accidents so violent. A bit of caution will go a long way in saving a life.

Other drivers on the road, like car and truck drivers, also have a critical obligation to stay alert for motorcycles and drive with enough space to prevent any collisions. The sad story of husband and wife motorcyclists proves this all too well. The two were enjoying a weekend ride back in January when an oncoming car crossed the road, sideswiped one motorcycle, hit the other head on, and killed both the husband and wife. The riders were doing everything right by wearing helmets and protective clothing, but the impact of the crash was too much. Had that motorist been paying a fraction more attention to the road, two lives might have been spared.

A 64-year-old man from Georgia also died in January when he was driving on the Florida turnpike and stopped for traffic, only to be hit from behind by a motorist, propelled off of his bike, and hit by yet another car when he landed in the road. Motorcyclists in these types of situations who don’t die often suffer traumatic brain injuries and other serious physical injuries that forever alter their lives.

Hopefully, with the help of the Florida state government and campaigns geared toward motorcycle safety, these fatalities can decrease. Until then, the courts are busy handling lawsuits of injured motorcyclists and family members of deceased riders who are seeking compensation to cover medical bills, funeral expenses, and other costs.

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