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Tampa Business Interruption Due to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented business damages to companies of all sizes across the state of Florida. 

At Catania and Catania, our Florida business interruption insurance attorneys are here to provide aggressive advocacy to businesses suffering losses as a result of the coronavirus. We know how to hold large commercial insurance companies accountable, and that’s exactly what we’ll do for your business. 

If your COVID-19 business interruption claim was denied or you have questions about your rights as a business owner, call Catania and Catania today for a free, confidential consultation. 

Our Florida business interruption insurance lawyers are here to fight for you during these challenging, uncertain times. 

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is a type of coverage that pays policyholders for profit losses and other damages caused by specific types of business interruptions — for example, a fire or robbery. 

This type of business insurance often covers damages associated with the business interruption, including property repairs, lost income, rent payments, taxes, loan payments, and employee wages. Business interruption insurance is so important because it allows an impacted business to recover instead of being forced into bankruptcy. 

However, big commercial insurance companies care more about protecting their bottom line than the businesses they insure. Exclusions and limitations may prevent your business from pursuing a claim when you need it the most, or your insurance company may deny your legitimate claim to avoid a large payout. 

Making a Business Interruption Insurance Claim During COVID-19

Does business interruption insurance cover business loss due to the coronavirus? It all depends on your policy. If you are a Florida business owner and your company has suffered financial losses due to COVID-19 and subsequent government shutdowns, you may have a case for a claim. 

First, carefully review the terms of your business interruption policy. If you have any questions or believe that your insurance company has unjustly denied your claim, call Catania and Catania for expert advice. Our business interruption specialists know how to navigate the complex nature of these claims in order to secure the payout your business needs.

Working with Catania and Catania Insurance Attorneys

At Catania and Catania, we understand that COVID-19 has devastated businesses across the state. You may be struggling to make payroll, unable to afford rent, or wondering how to keep your doors open. You’re relying on a business interruption policy payout to stay afloat, so you need the Catania and Catania team in your corner.

Our Florida business interruption attorneys are here to help you navigate the claims process so that you can maximize your recovery. When you call our law firm, you will speak to a lawyer who will make your business their top priority by:

  • Performing a comprehensive assessment of your business interruption claim
  • Reviewing your policy to identify your rights and options
  • Gathering and organizing crucial evidence, including pre- and post-COVID-19 earnings
  • Negotiating with insurance representatives to secure the largest financial settlement possible
  • Preparing a solid, professional business interruption claim

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, having the right legal team advocating on your behalf can make all the difference. Your business deserves to grow and thrive, and the team at Catania and Catania is here to make sure you have that opportunity. 

Call 813-568-1976 today to schedule your consultation and benefit from over 28 years of legal experience in Tampa Bay and beyond. 


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