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Essure Birth Control: What You Need to Know

Essure is a permanent birth control designed to give women peace of mind in their family planning, but instead it has been linked to nearly 30,000 adverse reactions between 2002 and 2017.

If you have used Essure in the past 16 years and believe the birth control endangered your health or caused potential harm, you now have the opportunity to pursue legal action and receive compensation for your experiences. The deadline to file an Essure claim is October 31, so don’t hesitate to take action.

What Is Essure, and Why Is It Dangerous?

Essure is a permanent birth control procedure that works with the body to prevent pregnancy. A soft and flexible insert is placed into each fallopian tube to create a barrier that makes pregnancy impossible. It was approved by the FDA in 2002 and used by nearly 1 million women.

However, about 30,000 women have experienced serious health complications from their Essure implants. The Essure implants contain nickel-titanium alloys, materials known to cause allergic reactions including rashes, itching, and hives. If you are one of the many women negatively impacted by Essure, other symptoms of complications may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Fatigue
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Unprevented pregnancy
  • Vaginal infections

Essure Is Being Discontinued

On July 20, 2018, Bayer announced it is discontinuing Essure by the end of 2018. If you decided to use Essure to prevent pregnancy and experienced any type of serious complications or side effects, it’s possible that you are entitled to compensation for your suffering. A mass tort attorney can evaluate your case and determine if you can pursue legal action.

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Since Essure was marketed as a safe, highly effective form of birth control, the team at Catania and Catania can use your experiences of adverse health effects to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Call 1-800-253-5523 to schedule your free case evaluation with Catania and Catania in Tampa, Florida today to learn more. Don’t wait – the deadline to file an Essure claim is October 31!

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