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Crash Kit App

Don’t be caught on the side of the road without the Catania & Catania Accident App. This FREE app was designed especially to assist you in case of an auto or motorcycle accident. It provides you with an easy step by step process to stay safe and protect your rights. Being in an accident can be incredibly stressful and it is hard to remember all that you should do. With our step by step process you will not rely on memory or instincts, rather you will be prompted with each thing that you need to remember.

Crash Kit App Features

Catania-Phone• Safety Tips
• Tips on protecting your legal rights
• Easy record keeping of accident details
• Uses your phones voice recorder to minimize typing
• Uses GPS to help you locate a wrecker, rental cars and insurance companies.
• Provides quick access to emergency contacts.
• Allows for you to easily save all accident information.

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