The Growing Need for Motorcycle Safety in Florida

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Motorcyclists have a passion for riding, but they unfortunately face a host of dangers when heading out on the open road. Men and women who ride motorcycles must share the road with car, van, and truck drivers who don’t always see them or have the courtesy to safely share the road with them. On the other hand, motorcyclists need to remain responsible enough to always wear protective gear and ride in sync with other vehicles. The need for respect between motorists and motorcyclists was recently emphasized after the tragic death of a motorcyclist in Tacoma, Washington.

A chilling tragedy took place in Tacoma in August when a motorcyclist lost his life after colliding with a box truck. But even worse, the motorcycle driver has been pulled over for speeding just five minutes before his death. It’s upsetting to know that a ticket and conversation with a police officer didn’t change this rider’s behavior.

It was a Thursday afternoon when the motorcyclist was pulled over by a Washington State policeman for riding 81 mph in a 60 mph zone. The trooper thought he had a productive conversation with the motorcyclist by emphasizing the need for him to watch his speed and drive cautiously. However, less than five minutes later, the man crashed and was pronounced dead.

In the words of Washington State Patrol spokesman Todd Bartolac, “He already had a history of speeding. Even if he was doing the speed limit and hit the back of a 26,000-pound box truck, there’s no winning.” He continued, “It’s tough on the troopers because they look at it, and you just talked with this person five minutes ago, and now they’re dead. We’re not stopping people out of spite. We’re stopping people to change the driving behavior. We’re out there trying to save lives.”

This accident is a call to all drivers to share the road and remain cautious when behind the wheel.

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