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A knee injury may not seem like a serious occurrence, but some knee injuries cause a significant decline in quality of life. The knee is a complicated system of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, which we rely on for basic functions such as walking and driving. A serious knee injury may require surgery and extensive physical therapy, not to mention a long recovery process.

Knee injuries occur for many reasons, only some of which are attributable to third parties. The most common circumstances under which another person or entity is liable for a knee injury are automobile accidents and slip and fall injuries.

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Damages in a Florida Knee Injury Case

If a knee injury is severe enough, it may require surgery to repair or even need to be replaced. After surgery, it takes most people about three to six weeks to get back to most normal activities. However, it may be six to eight weeks or longer before you can drive, and weeks to months before you can get back to work. Of course, the exact timelines depend on the severity of the injury, your overall health and the demands of your daily life and your profession.

On top of this recovery time, you can also anticipate time off for physical therapy. Like general recovery times, your time in physical therapy will depend on the specifics of your injury.

Medical treatment associated with a knee injury can be quite expensive. The average cost of a total knee replacement is in the United States is about $49,500, and a partial knee replacement is only slightly less expensive. Outpatient physical therapy costs average around an additional $2,600. When you factor in time off work to recover, high costs of medical bills, and expenses such as home modifications, a knee injury can be a costly and serious event.

Hiring a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Knee Injury Case

If your knee injury was someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount you may expect to recover will vary depending on your actual losses, including medical bills, lost wages, associated property damage and other damages, including pain and suffering.

Promptly seeking medical care and following the advice of your physicians, including any recommended physical therapy, is important for two reasons. First and most important, following doctors’ orders and pursuing rehabilitation in a timely manner will give you the best chance at a full recovery. In addition, you may hurt your ability to recover damages if your own actions (or failure to act) hinder your recovery.

When you’ve sustained a serious injury, act promptly to protect all your interests. Seek both medical and legal assistance as soon as possible.

The Florida Personal Injury Timeline

While Florida allows four years to file a personal injury claim, you cannot afford to think that you have plenty of time to seek legal advice and begin protecting your rights. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your case will be damaged in some way. For example, memories can become dull and details lost, or witnesses become unreachable. It may be difficult to reconstruct the circumstances of your injury, and physical evidence may be lost forever.

Proceeding without an attorney in the early days also offers the opportunity for innocent missteps to hurt your claim—particularly when you are still disoriented in the wake of your injury or under the influence of medications. All these factors can be avoided by retaining a Tampa personal injury lawyer immediately.

In addition to having the opportunity to build a stronger case, your lawyer will also provide you with peace of mind by shouldering the burden of moving your case forward. Call 1-800-253-5523 or fill out the free consultation form to take the first step toward a more complete recovery.


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