Personal Injury Due to Bicycle Accidents

Many injuries happen that entitle you to some type of compensation, such as bicycle accidents for example. The victims of an accident that are not at fault can often pursue a case entitling them to damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and even lost wages. Bicycle accidents fall into the road accident category, which is the most common for personal injury claims.

There are many different types of road accidents that occur every day involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles. Accidents involving bicycles are not as rare as many may think, especially with high gas prices causing many to find alternative methods of transportation. Many bicycles hit the streets every day for exercise, cycling practice or just as a way for the rider to get where they need to go.

We cannot predict accidents or when they may occur. Road accidents are bound to happen with so many people driving recklessly every day. Many neglect road signs and signals, which can easily cause an accident to occur. Bicycle accidents may involve a crash with a car or even with another bike of some sort. Even a pedestrian can be a victim of a bicycle accident if they are hit by the bike.

These accidents often occur due to irresponsible behavior on the part of a driver or the rider of the bicycle. More often than not, the cyclist is the one that ends up injured. The neglect of another driver causing the accident to happen entitles the cyclist to a personal injury claim. The rider may suffer injuries, such as bleeding, bruising, fractures or even head injuries. Some of these could be life threatening and permanent.

Not only are the physical pains covered with a personal injury claim, but also compensation for lost wages, punitive damages and property loss. All types of injuries including mental, financial, and physical are liable for compensation after a bicycle accident.

The best course of action, if you have been involved in an accident while on your bicycle, is to hire a professional attorney at Catania & Catania. Our Florida law firm deals with personal injury claims on a regular basis. We can help to assess the damages and the fault of the other party. Most claims will never see a courtroom, and will be settled with mediation; however, our Tampa personal injury attorneys will file the claim and pursue the settlement for you until you receive the proper compensation and closure.

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