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The shoulder is the most mobile and complicated joint in the entire body. Unfortunately, that makes it very prone to injury, and shoulder injuries often have a lifelong impact. 7.5 million people suffer shoulder injuries in the United States each year, and nearly half of those injuries are to the part of the shoulder called the rotator cuff. Other common injuries of the shoulder include:

  • Fractured shoulder blade
  • Separation/dislocation
  • Tendonitis
  • Shoulder joint tear
  • Frozen shoulder

While shoulder injuries are widespread and fairly common, effective treatments for shoulder injuries are somewhat limited. Some treatments for a moderate to severe shoulder injury include:

  • Shoulder surgery
  • Joint replacement
  • Joint and tissue injections

Shoulder injuries can be expensive because they often require surgeries, rehabilitation and injections, and the complicated nature of the shoulder means those treatments can be complicated as well. In addition, shoulder injuries often result in long-term or permanent limitations on range of use, which may impact employment opportunities.

Establishing Liability in a Florida Shoulder Injury Case

Just as the complexity of the shoulder mechanism can make treatment challenging, the nature of shoulder injuries can make identifying the responsible party and proving liability more difficult. While some shoulder injuries result from a clear and identifiable trauma such as a fall, many stem from smaller repetitive injuries sustained through participation in sports, performance of certain types of work and similar activities.

Such injuries are not always identified promptly, and may be aggravated as the injured party continues to work through the early stages of the injury.

Establishing Damages in a Tampa Shoulder Injury Case

A shoulder injury is often long term, which is an important factor in establishing damages in a personal injury case. The shoulder itself plays a critical role in everyday life, and a shoulder injury can be a significant hindrance. Time off work is likely and job loss possible in the wake of a moderate to severe shoulder injury.

An experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer can work with you to determine the party responsible for your injury and to retain experts to help establish the nature and duration of the injury and the anticipated costs, including medical expenses and loss of earning capacity. You may also be entitled to additional compensation for less concrete damages, such as pain and suffering.

There Is a Time Limit for Filing Your Florida Personal Injury Case

Even though Florida law permits four years to file a personal injury claim, that does not mean you should delay speaking to an attorney. Many things can happen in four years, and none of them are good for your case. With the passage of time, witnesses can go missing or misremember key facts and information about your case. Evidence may disappear or be destroyed. It is essential to your case that you act as quickly as possible to preserve important evidence.

Speak to a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately

Shoulder injury cases can be complex, and an inexperienced person attempting to negotiate with insurance companies or otherwise manage his or her own case may make serious and costly mistakes. Our personal injury lawyer not only bring expertise in this field, but can also bring a sense of relief by taking some of the load off your shoulders. Take the first step toward a peaceful recovery by contacting us at 1-800-253-5523 or filling out the free consultation form on this page. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have experience in your corner.


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