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If you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall injury due to the negligence or recklessness of another in Clearwater, Florida, the team at Catania and Catania can help. We have over 25 years of experience helping injured victims here in the Clearwater area. One of our trusted personal injury lawyers will be committed to helping you and your family recover all financial damage from your slip and fall injury.

Specialized Slip and Fall Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

Slip and fall injuries have the potential to be very dangerous, with consequences ranging from sprains to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. They are considered premises liability injuries because property and business owners are responsible for keeping visitors safe by warning of and correcting any dangers that may cause harm.

However, this law is not as black and white as it seems. The property owner is held to certain expectations based on the nature of the danger and whether the injured party was invited onto the property. For instance, a commercial property is only responsible for warning about a danger that the owner reasonably should know is a danger and any visitor exercising reasonable care would not have noticed.

The team at Catania and Catania are experts regarding the complexities of these premises liability cases, so you can trust us to fight on your behalf after a slip and fall injury in Clearwater.

>We Help You Pursue Premises Liability Compensation After Your Fall

It is vital that you come to Catania and Catania for legal help as soon as your slip and fall injury occurs. There are many benefits to acting quickly after your injury:

  • Important evidence could be misplaced or destroyed over time
  • You will want and need funds from your settlement to pay for medical bills and other expenses
  • Your memory of events will become less clear over time
  • Extra time will afford your slip and fall lawyer more flexibility to negotiate a high settlement

What Will You Recover in Your Clearwater Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Your Catania and Catania attorney in Clearwater is committed to helping you recover as much money as possible in your slip and fall case. We will help you pursue damages for the following:

  • Payment of medical expenses associated with your slip and fall injury
  • Compensation for lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Support for any accommodations required by your injury
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

If your unexpected slip and fall in a local business, public place, or private property has caused significant injuries and diminished your quality of life, you don’t need to suffer the fallout alone. Catania and Catania is here to fight for your rights to compensation and help you secure the money needed to pay large medical bills and close the gap in your income.

To speak to a Catania and Catania attorney about your slip and fall case in Clearwater, call (727) 513-6765 to schedule your free case evaluation.


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