Take These Steps to Remain Aware of Motorcycles on the Road

The warm and sunny weather has arrived in full force in Tampa, which means motorcyclists are hitting the road in high numbers. May is designated as National Motorcycle Awareness Month, but the critical importance of motorcycle awareness doesn’t fade simply because May has come and gone. The National Safety Council (NSC) provides simple yet powerful tips to help motorists remain aware of motorcyclists on the road, especially during the busy summer months. Be sure to follow these tips yourself in order to avoid catastrophe.

Keep Your Distance

If you see a motorcycle on the road, don’t follow as close behind the bike as you would another car. This will minimize your risk of accidentally colliding with the motorcycle from the back or side if traffic stops suddenly or you lose focus of the road. Even if you aren’t hurt in the crash, the motorcycle rider is nearly guaranteed to sustain serious injuries since they are less protected.

Double Check Intersections

Since motorcycles are small and speedy, they often end up in your car’s blind spot, especially at intersections. A large proportion of motorcycle crashes occur at intersections when a motorist turns left without realizing that a motorcycle is coming from the side. By simply double checking your mirrors and windows before you turn at an intersection, you can prevent a terrible and potentially deadly crash.

Keep To Your Lane

Motorcycles are known for lane sharing with each other since they are so small, but cars cannot and should not attempt to share a lane with a motorcyclist. Bikers are too vulnerable to the size, strength, and speed of vehicles, and lane sharing dramatically increases the risk of an accident based on proximity. Just keep to your own lane, and everybody can stay safe.

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