Failure to Diagnose Condition

Diagnostic errors are one of the most dangerous types of medical malpractice. Failure to diagnose a condition could result in wrongful death or permanent disabilities. 

The Florida medical malpractice lawyers of Catania & Catania, P.A. understand the damage caused by medical errors. We have fought for fair and just compensation for victims of medical malpractice since 1992.  Our legal team has over 120 years of combined legal experience and has recovered more than $500 million for our clients.

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How Can Our Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help You With Your Case?

How Can Our Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help You With Your Case?

Insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors fight to avoid paying medical malpractice claims. They put profits before the best interests of patients and their families. 

At Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, we take failure to diagnose cases very seriously. We believe medical professionals must be held accountable when medical mistakes, negligence, or other wrongdoing cause a patient to suffer. Our Tampa medical malpractice lawyers have substantial experience, resources, and skills to devote to medical malpractice cases. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine what happened to you
  • Retain medical experts, medical investigators, and other experts to aid in the investigation
  • Supply an in-depth analysis of your claim and an honest assessment of your legal options
  • Obtain your medical records and complete medical history
  • Work with you and your physicians to document the extent of your injuries and damages
  • Not hesitate to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to pursue the matter in court

Super Lawyers and other organizations have recognized our award-winning Tampa personal injury attorneys for their work. Contact us today to obtain legal advice from an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Tampa, Florida. 

Your first consultation is free of charge, and you are under no obligation to hire our law firm after receiving our legal advice. 

Is it Common for Doctors to Fail to Diagnose a Condition?

John Hopkins researchers found that diagnostic errors are more common than medication overdoses or surgical errors. Errors in diagnosing patients were also more costly and harmful. 

Failing to diagnose a medical condition is just one type of diagnostic error. Diagnostic errors are one of the top reasons for medical negligence claims in emergency rooms. However, mistakes in diagnosing patients are a problem throughout the medical field, including nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. 

Common Causes of Failure to Diagnose a Condition 

In many cases, doctors fail to diagnose a medical condition because of negligence or medical mistakes

Common reasons why a doctor might miss a diagnosis include:

  • Not listening to or reviewing the patient’s reported symptoms
  • Failure to obtain and review the patient’s medical history 
  • Failing to assess a patient’s risk factors for certain types of diseases or conditions
  • Failure to consult with a specialist or refer the patient to a specialist 
  • Failing to order imaging tests, lab work, and other diagnostic tests
  • Rushing patients through appointments and examinations 
  • Failure to develop a differential diagnosis list for a patient 
  • Miscommunication between healthcare providers
  • Reading the results of laboratory results incorrectly
  • Faulty medical equipment and mistakes by lab workers

Doctors are not the only individuals that might make an error that results in a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose. Everyone involved in the patient’s care has a duty to avoid situations and conduct that could result in a medical mistake. 

Consequences and Damages Caused by Failure to Diagnose a Condition 

When a doctor fails to diagnose a condition, there are many potential consequences for the patient. 

For example, a misdiagnosis could result in medication errors. The patient may be given the incorrect medication. A delayed diagnosis results in the patient not receiving the treatment necessary to prevent further illness or injury. 

Results of failing to diagnose a condition may include:

In some cases, a patient may live, but they may have permanent impairments or disabilities because the doctor failed to diagnose a medical condition. 

Can I Sue My Doctor for Missing a Medical Diagnosis?

Yes, you can sue a doctor or another health care provider if their failure to diagnose a condition caused you harm or injury. However, you must prove the legal elements of a medical malpractice claim:

  • A doctor-patient relationship that created a duty of care
  • The doctor breached the duty of care (also referred to as the “standard of care”)
  • The breach of duty directly led to your injury or illness
  • You sustained damages because of the breach and injury

You could recover several types of damages, including compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses. You could also receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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