Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Even if you work in a relatively safe place, accidents can happen any time. If you work in a risky setting like a construction site or factory, the likelihood of accidents is even higher. The good news is that, in the event of a workplace accident, you have access to workers’ compensation benefits.

You may or may not expect to become injured or sick in your line of work, but either way it’s important to understand the implications of workers’ compensation so that you are prepared for the unexpected.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that your employer is legally bound to carry. It provides you with financial compensation after you suffer a job-related injury or illness. It is possible to obtain workers’ compensation regardless of who caused the injury, short of it being due to your own blatant negligence. In order to obtain benefits, you must forfeit your right to sue your employer in court for your injuries. The system is meant to minimize litigation while still protecting employees.

Knowing What Workers’ Comp Will Cover

Timely workers’ compensation is often a financial lifesaver during an injury or illness. Your compensation will cover your hospital and medical expenses required to diagnose and treat your condition. Workers’ comp also entitles you to about two-thirds of your regular salary during the time that you are unable to work. Some workers’ compensation can even cover fees for rehabilitation, retraining, and other benefits as needed.

Injuries and Illnesses That Qualify

As long as your injury or illness is related to your job responsibilities, it can be covered by workers’ compensation. Some injuries are obvious, like falling from a ladder in a construction job, but others are gradual and more subtle, like carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion in a factory job. Illnesses and diseases that form from jobs, like exposure to mold or chemicals, also receive coverage.

If you believe you are owed workers’ compensation but are struggling to get approval, contact a lawyer to see how your case should be handled. The attorneys at Catania and Catania have served Tampa Bay for more than 25 years with dedicated and personalized workers’ compensation legal support. Call 1-800-253-5523 today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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