You’ve Been Knocked off Your Bike – Now What?

You were riding down the road on your bike following the proper laws and out of the blue you found yourself knocked down and staring up at the sky. A crowd formed, the ambulance showed up and you had no idea what could have just happened. Once you arrived at the hospital and had your injuries addressed you were ready to find out more about compensation. A person that is riding along on his bike enjoying a gentle breeze on his face should not have to endure this trauma without some type of restitution.

In Tampa, Florida, a no-fault insurance is in place, which means that the person who is at fault must file their own claim under their policy for auto insurance in bicycle accidents. If the victim doesn’t have this type of insurance the claim can be filed under the policy for auto insurance belonging to the driver that was responsible for this accident.

As the victim of a bicycle accident you may be allowed to recover the following:
* 60% of any wages lost due to the accident
* Replacement services
* 80% of medical expenses

Florida is notorious for its high statistics rate for bicycle accidents and in most cases the driver of the vehicle is at fault. Inattentive and negligent vehicle driving errors are usually the cause of these bicycle collisions and may include the following:
* Impaired driving
* Failing to check both ways after stopping and resuming travel
* Failing to stop at a red light
* Failing to yield for oncoming traffic
* Pulling out from a parking space or driveway without checking for oncoming traffic first
* Turning in front of a bicycle

Since the cyclist is unprotected from a vehicle except for perhaps a helmet, serious injuries and even death can occur in many cases. This is why you’ll need to hire a Tampa lawyer at Catania & Catania for legal representation. Our bicycle accident attorney is experienced with all matters concerning accident reconstruction, vehicle laws in Florida and bike manufacturing and design issues. If you’ve been the victim of a bicycle accident and want to know more about your rights give us a call today.

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