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Automobile accidents are an unfortunate and dangerous part of life, including close to home in St. Petersburg, Florida. The 2016 report on traffic crashes states that nearly 80 traffic accidents occur every single day in Pinellas County alone, totaling nearly 5,000 injuries each year. These numbers have even increased since 2016, due to St. Petersburg’s growing population and tourist appeal.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in St. Petersburg due to a negligent, distracted, or reckless driver, you need the support of an experienced and trusted St. Petersburg personal injury attorney. The team of uniquely qualified attorneys at Catania and Catania have been serving the St. Petersburg area for more than 25 years to help car accident victims obtain the financial compensation they deserve.

We Have Been Defending Car Accident Victims For More Than 25 Years

You don’t need to handle the consequences of a car accident alone! We have more over 25 years of experience helping injured car accident victims here in St. Petersburg. Our dedicated and tireless team of personal injury lawyers are committed to helping you and your family recover the financial damages caused by your crash. Attorney Paul Catania and Attorney Peter Catania have both secured settlements of more than $2,000,000.00 for auto accident victims, and they are ready to fight for your large settlement now.

Fight For Your Auto Accident Compensation in St. Petersburg

Automobile accidents occur every single day in St. Petersburg. Even if you are a responsible driver, it only takes one distracted or reckless driver to place you in severe danger. Insurance policies are meant to cover the damages sustained to yourself and your property during a car accident, but insurance companies are notorious for offering settlements lower than the true amount needed to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses.

This is exactly why you need a lawyer who will work vigorously to demand fair compensation on your behalf. At Catania and Catania, we treat every case as if it is going to trial so you have the best chances of winning and earning a large settlement figure. We know exactly how insurance companies work and are prepared to fight until you get the results you deserve.

The St. Petersburg Auto Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

The team at Catania and Catania puts families first, so you can trust us to handle your case with personalized attention and diligence. We want to help you and your family recover from the trauma of your car accident with more than enough money to cover all of your expenses. We will fight to help you earn compensation for the following damages:

    • Medical expenses like doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, rehabilitation therapies
    • Lost wages caused by missing work or being unable to work after your accident
    • Pain and suffering caused by the physical and emotional experiences of your crash
    • Punitive damages in the case that the other driver was grossly reckless or negligent
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If you recently suffered a car accident and need expert legal representation to pursue the full compensation you deserve, call Catania and Catania now at (727) 263-3189 to schedule your free case evaluation. Our team has a long track record of success defending car accident victims, and we are here to help you recover from this difficult experience with the financial compensation you need.


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