In 2019, there were 402,347 motor vehicle accidents in Florida. Traffic deaths for that year totaled 3,193. Many of those deaths happened in the Tampa area. These statistics may make you wonder: “what are my odds of being in a fatal car accident?”

Odds of Dying in a Car Accident 

Your odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident depend on many variables, including how often you are on the road, traffic conditions, the type of vehicle you drive, and the type of accident (i.e., head-on crash, rollover accident, etc.). 

The NSC (National Safety Council) calculated the odds of dying from various causes of death. In 2019, the average person had a 1 in 107 chance of dying in a car accident. That is lower than the odds of dying from cancer, heart disease, suicide, or a fall. 

However, the odds of dying in a car accident are higher than the odds of dying in a motorcycle crash (1 in 899) or dying in a pedestrian accident (1 in 543). 

It can be terrifying to think that each time you get into an automobile that you have a chance of never making it back home again. Thankfully, you can take certain steps to reduce your odds of being in a fatal car crash.

Reducing Your Risk of Being in a Car Accident 

You can do many things to reduce the odds that you will be involved in a car accident, such as:

  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Purchase a vehicle with advanced airbags and crash avoidance technology
  • Do not operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Follow the posted speed limits and reduce speed when necessary
  • Always pay attention to the road – avoid all distractions while driving
  • Check your blind spots and always signal turns and merges
  • Do not drive when you are tired or drowsy
  • Allow for extra travel time because of traffic jams and other issues
  • Do not follow too closely or tailgate
  • Obey all traffic laws

You may not be able to avoid a car accident, even if you take every precaution. Therefore, it is good to know what you should do after a car accident.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Tampa

If you are involved in a car accident, stop your vehicle at the first safe location and call 911. Do not apologize or admit fault. Only discuss the accident with the police officers.

Try to document the accident scene with pictures and videos. However, do not place yourself or others in danger to take pictures of a car crash. 

See your doctor As soon as possible if you do not go directly to the emergency room. Never say you are not injured because you could have sustained injuries that are not evident yet. Documenting your injuries through medical records is essential for proving the car crash caused your injuries. Make sure to tell the doctor you were in a car accident and give him all of your symptoms, regardless of your opinion of the severity of symptoms. 

Talk with an accident lawyer to determine if you have an accident claim. If you lost a loved one in a car accident, your family might be entitled to compensation for your loss under Florida’s wrongful death statute. An attorney can help you determine which causes of action might arise from a car accident case.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

Wrongful death lawsuits for car accidents are filed pursuant to Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. The estate for the deceased files the wrongful death action on behalf of the estate’s heirs. The money recovered is paid through the estate to the named heirs.

If the person did not have a will naming their heirs, the money is paid according to intestate laws. The estate might seek damages if the person survived for a short period. Damages would include medical bills, loss of income, the deceased’s personal pain and suffering, and reimbursement for funeral costs.

The estate may also seek compensation for other damages. For example, the estate may see compensation for the financial support and household services the person would have provided had they lived. The estate may also seek compensation for the family’s pain and suffering and loss of protection, love, guidance, affection, and companionship.

A wrongful death lawyer can discuss your case in detail during a consultation. The lawyer can provide additional information about wrongful death claims and how your claim would be valued.

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