Do you ride a motorcycle in or around Tampa Bay? It is very important to exercise extreme caution. Motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in an accident than passengers of cars or similar vehicles. Motorcyclists do not have the benefit of a protective metal frame in the event of a collision.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the behavior and choices of other motorists. Someone else’s negligence may force you into an accident. Therefore, you should be aware of your legal options after an accident. 

You may be eligible to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses. The process of recovering compensation will typically involve filing a claim with the insurance of the driver who caused your accident. 

It is wise to consult with an attorney in these circumstances. A lawyer can help in the following critical ways:

Determining If You Have a Case

It is not always immediately clear whether you have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. An attorney can review the details of your case and identify the causes of action you may have against other drivers. 

Gathering Evidence

You will have to prove another driver caused your accident to recover compensation. This may require conducting an investigation and gathering evidence. A lawyer has the resources and skill to gather the evidence you need for your claim.

Your lawyer can also gather evidence showing you did not cause the accident. Florida has a comparative fault law that can reduce your compensation based on your level of fault. 

For example, perhaps you are eligible to recover $20,000. However, an insurer or lawyer could try to argue you were 20 percent to blame for your accident. That means the most you could collect would be $16,000. If you’re being falsely accused of playing a part in your accident, your lawyer can help dismantle such arguments.

Handling All Correspondence With the Insurance Company

This is essential. Quite simply, insurance companies are businesses. Their goal is often to limit their liability when victims file claims.

Thus, insurance adjusters are sometimes encouraged to seek out reasons to deny claims or offer unfair settlement amounts. If you make one wrong statement to an insurance adjuster after your motorcycle accident, you could jeopardize your chances of recovering full compensation.

Be aware that corresponding with insurance companies and negotiating for a fair settlement can also involve a significant degree of administrative work. Your goal at this time is to rest and recover. Your attorney can take over these tasks.

Getting the Most Money for Your Claim

It’s also worth noting that many personal injury attorneys will offer their services using the contingency fee model. With the contingency fee system, an attorney will not charge for their services unless they recover compensation for you. They will also review your case for free. Accordingly, there’s virtually no financial risk involved in hiring a lawyer in these circumstances. There can, however, be major financial benefits.

An attorney will be more likely to get the maximum amount for your claim than if you handle the claim by yourself. They will calculate the value of your damages and will not settle your claim for less than its worth. They will negotiate with the insurer for the full value of your case. If the insurer refuses to settle your claim fairly, your lawyer can take your case to court.

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