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Construction site accidents often cause serious injuries that can include loss of limbs, broken bones, scarring, and even permanent disability. With these serious injuries come the large medical bills, lost wages, and the inability to live life to it’s fullest extent. Workers compensation may help cover part of your lost wages, but the fact remains in cases involving industrial accidents that additional compensation is often needed. If you have suffered an injury at a construction site in Tampa, Florida, it is recommended you consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer at Catania & Catania at your earliest convenience. With over 20 years of experience involving all areas concerning personal injury cases, we have a proven history of successfully winning cases for our past clients.

There are many possible types of injury cases involving both construction and industrial accident situations. Drivers who have become injured during road work have the right to compensation. Innocent bystanders who are injured by falling debris, or construction vehicles, are also a candidate to pursue legal action. Industrial accidents can occur in a variety of places including both residential and commercial properties. When an accident occurs on, or near a construction site, there are people who can now be held liable for any type of injury sustained, including death. The owner of the land, general contractors, and subcontractors can all be held responsible for injuries that happen whether on purpose or not.

Our construction lawyers at Catania & Catania have many years of experience representing a wide array of individuals including iron workers, plumbers, laborers, and all other industrial trades. If you or someone you know has been injured, or died as a result of a construction accident, contact our law offices today. An immediate investigation into the incident will begin so that any evidence can be collected for proof regarding your personal injury case. Evidence can include materials, machinery, and eye witnesses at the scene when the accident happened. It’s critical to establish contact with the authorities investigating the construction accident, and to promptly receive medical attention for any injuries sustained if you haven’t already. Our construction lawyers in Tampa will be able to properly assist you with all of these procedures to ensure a smooth legal process that results in compensation

If you’ve been injured in an industrial accident in Florida it’s critical that you choose the best available construction accident lawyers to help you win your case. The lawyers at Catania & Catania, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, have both the experience and results behind them to better assist you with your case. As a victim, you deserve proper compensation for all of your pain and suffering. Our accident attorneys will handle every aspect of your case, including the trial. We always work our hardest to achieve the best results you can expect for each of our clients. For injuries concerning your construction site accident, contact our Tampa law offices today for more information by phone or through our live chat system. We’re always available to help when you need it most.