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Have you suffered a life-changing injury in Tampa, FL? Catastrophic injuries such as disabling brain injuries, paralysis, and internal injuries will affect you for the rest of your life. You may be unable to work again. 

You deserve fair compensation from the at-fault party for the significant losses you have and will continue to endure. Our Tampa catastrophic injury lawyers can help you recover the money you need for your injuries.

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How Catania & Catania Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Catastrophic Injury in Tampa

How Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Catastrophic Injury in Tampa

Catastrophic injuries can happen in any accident. Regardless of how they happened, these accidents typically result in extensive medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A Tampa injury attorney can help you recover compensation.

Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers has fought for Tampa accident victims for more than 28 years. Our law firm has been recognized with the Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent peer rating and the 2020 Silver Client Champion award. 

We are a small firm, so you can trust that you will get the personal attention and resources your case needs as we:

  • Investigate the circumstances of your accident
  • Gather evidence and identify liable parties
  • Work with leading experts in Tampa, Florida, to calculate your damages
  • Negotiate a fair settlement that accounts for your injuries fully
  • Take your case to trial if necessary

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Overview of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is generally defined as any injury that requires long-term medical treatment, results in significant pain and a long recovery, or results in permanent impairment or disability. In essence, these injuries have a catastrophic impact on your life.

Catastrophic injury cases are different from typical personal injury cases. They usually take more time to settle because an accident victim must reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) to determine their true losses and damages. 

Insurance companies also invest significant resources in fighting catastrophic injury claims. This is because they have the potential to be worth millions when considering long-term medical bills, lost earning capacity, and personal losses.

How Common Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Here are some statistics on catastrophic injuries:

  • There are 294,000 people in the U.S. living with a spinal cord injury and 17,800 new SCIs every year. About 1 in 50 people live with paralysis.
  • There are 185,000 amputations in the U.S. every year. About 45% are the result of trauma such as a car accident.
  • There are 288,000 people hospitalized for a traumatic brain injury per year in the U.S. Nearly 13.5 million Americans are living with disability from a TBI. 

Every day, someone in Florida suffers a catastrophic injury due to negligence or intentional wrongdoing. These injuries can be the result of any type of accident and are not reported or tracked on their own. 

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Life-changing injuries come in all forms. The following are the most common catastrophic injuries in Tampa:

If you have suffered any type of injury that causes long-term physical or cognitive impairment or requires long-term medical care, it can be considered catastrophic.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury, by its very definition, has a significant impact on your life and future. 

Victims of a catastrophic injury may face many long-term consequences, such as:

  • You may face major changes to your lifestyle. You may be unable to enjoy hobbies and activities. Your mobility may be affected. You may be unable to perform basic tasks like dressing. Chronic pain may leave you unable to do the things you once enjoyed.
  • You may be unable to work. You may be unable to perform any type of meaningful work for the rest of your life.
  • Your mental health may be affected. Catastrophic injury victims often struggle with depression, PTSD, hopelessness, and more.
  • Your financial future can be drastically impacted. While unable to work, you may also face significant and long-term medical expenses. The medical care you require may cost hundreds of thousands or millions over the rest of your life.
  • Your relationships may be affected. A catastrophic injury can affect your friendships and your relationship with your spouse or partner and children. You may be unable to spend time with friends. Your injury may prevent you from playing an active role in your children’s lives.

At Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, we recognize just how devastating your injury will be to your life. We will listen to your story and help you hold the responsible party accountable for all the losses you will suffer.

What Causes Catastrophic Injuries?

Virtually any type of accident can result in a life-changing injury. You may suffer a catastrophic injury while driving, working, or visiting a business.

The following are the most common causes of catastrophic injuries in Tampa, FL:

Traffic Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are likely the leading cause of all catastrophic injuries. They cause 39% of spinal cord injuries, many of which leave victims with partial or total paralysis and impairment. They also cause 17% of traumatic brain injuries and are the number one cause of traumatic amputations.

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, disability, and death. In fact, falls are the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries. And they are responsible for 35% of TBI.

About half of seniors who suffer a hip fracture, usually in a fall, are never able to live independently again. They may be forced to go from an independent and fulfilling life to a nursing home.

Medical Malpractice

About 440,000 people in the U.S. are killed by medical negligence every year. While 30% of all payouts for medical negligence are due to the death of a patient, 19% result from major permanent injuries and 18% from significant permanent injuries.

Medical malpractice can cause a catastrophic injury in many ways. A missed diagnosis can allow cancer to progress and, when finally treated, leave you with significant damage. About 4% of spinal cord injuries alone are caused by surgical and medical mistakes. During surgery, a mistake can leave you with paralysis, brain damage, or impaired function.

Workplace Accidents

Sadly, many Tampa workers are left with catastrophic injuries after suffering an accident on the job. Common catastrophic work-related accidents include:

  • Falls from heights
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Electrical shock
  • Traffic accidents
  • Heavy machinery
  • Traumatic amputation
  • Building collapse
  • Toxic exposure
  • Fires and explosions
  • Falling objects 

Certain industries like construction and manufacturing have the highest rates of catastrophic injuries, but they can happen on any job.


High-intensity sports are a very common cause of serious and even catastrophic injury. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are the two most common types of sports-related catastrophic injuries. Nearly 8% of SCIs happen during sports.


Not all catastrophic injuries are the result of an accident. Assault and gunshots are leading causes of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. A victim of assault can be left with paralysis, cognitive impairment, and more.

What Is My Tampa Catastrophic Injury Case Worth?

All personal injury cases can be challenging to value, but this is particularly true with catastrophic injuries. Many catastrophic injury cases are worth $1 million or more.

Your lost or reduced earning potential will be valued based on your age, earning history, and life expectancy. Your medical expenses alone can be worth several hundred thousand or more than $1 million. These financial damages play a large part in the value of your case.

Much of your case’s value will also rest on your non-economic losses. The value of these losses can easily exceed your financial losses. They are also difficult to value. 

Your case will rely on medical and financial expert testimony, testimony from you and your loved ones, and more to build a case for your personal losses.

The only way to estimate the value of any personal injury case is through a thorough case review. Contact Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers today to speak with a Tampa personal injury lawyer during a free consultation. We will help you explore how much your case may be worth and how we can help.

What Damages Are Available in a Catastrophic Injury Case in Tampa, Florida?

When someone else’s negligence is responsible for your catastrophic injury, you have the right to seek compensation for the full value of your economic damages and non-economic losses. This includes not only the damages you have suffered already but also your anticipated future losses.

You may be entitled to financial damages for:

  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished or lost earning capacity and the benefits of employment
  • Medical bills you have incurred
  • Future medical care you will need
  • Personal, non-economic losses 

Catastrophic injury cases may be worth millions due to the long-lasting impacts of the injuries. At Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, we are committed to helping you pursue the full value of your case to preserve your quality of life and financial security. 

We will work with top financial and medical experts to document the full extent of your damages. Do not let the insurance company undervalue your claim or tempt you with a lowball settlement offer.

How Long Do I Have to File a Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

The State of Florida has strict statutes of limitations on personal injury cases. You have four years to file a personal injury case involving negligence. If your catastrophic injury resulted from medical malpractice, you have two years to file your suit.

There are few exceptions to these deadlines. If you have a case against a government entity, your deadline is much shorter.

Under Florida’s statute of limitations, there are additional deadlines to consider as well. For instance, if you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, you must report your injury within 30 days. You may also have a deadline to give an insurance company or government entity notice of intent to make a claim or sue.

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