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St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

In beautiful, sunny St. Petersburg, it’s no wonder people want to get outside on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are also a major issue in the St. Petersburg area. 7 percent of all motorists in the state of Florida are motorcyclists, and Floridian motorcyclists account for 19 percent of the state’s traffic fatalities. These troubling statistics underline the need for experienced and trustworthy motorcycle accident attorneys.

The St. Petersburg injury lawyers at Catania and Catania is determined, resourceful, and highly skilled. Our attorneys are prepped to represent residents of St. Petersburg in motorcycle accident cases. Having stellar legal representation from a firm of our caliber will immeasurably increase both the efficiency and success of your case.

Motorcycle Accidents in St. Petersburg

Motorcyclists are more exposed than typical automobile drivers and passengers, which significantly raises the risk of accidents. Helmet use somewhat lessens this risk, but even for helmeted motorcyclists, the danger is considerable. After all, a motorcycle rider is far more exposed than the driver of a car, which may lead to debilitating injury.

The fault in a motorcycle accident often falls to the motorcyclist or nonideal conditions, like wet or icy roads, but this isn’t always the case. Motorcycle-related injuries may be incurred due to the fault of another person. For example, most motorcycle accidents happen when the driver of an automobile makes a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. At Catania and Catania in St. Petersburg, we’re thoroughly prepared to take on these motorcycle injury cases with professionalism and tenacity.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often involve more severe damage and injury than car accidents. Our thoughtful attorneys in St. Petersburg understand the gravity of each and every motorcycle injury case, giving each client individualized attention for the greatest chance of success.

Compensation for Your Losses in a Motorcycle Accident

Following a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Your losses may include lost work time, medical and physical therapy costs, pain and suffering, and damage to your motorcycle or other property. It’s key to enlist the help of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney as quickly as possible following the incident to gain the maximum compensation for your losses.

If you’ve obtained injuries in a motorcycle accident due to another person’s negligence, or if you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle accident, reach out to Catania and Catania in St. Petersburg today. Our accomplished attorneys are ready to fight your case with energy and conviction so that you will receive the highest possible compensation.


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