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Have you been injured in a multi-vehicle car crash in Tampa, FL? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical treatment, and pain and suffering. The experienced Tampa multi-vehicle car crash lawyers at Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, will help you fight to get the money you deserve. 

Since 1992, we’ve been fighting hard for car accident victims just like you. And we’ve recovered more than $500 million for injured parties over the years. Our goal is to get a substantial financial award for you, too.

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How Can Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You After a Multi-Vehicle Crash? 

How Can Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You After a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

The consequences of a car accident can be catastrophic and cause you to sustain traumatic injuries. Determining who is liable for the cause of the crash is essential if you want to recover compensation for damages. A Tampa auto accident lawyer at Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers will fight on your behalf to get you the money you deserve.

At Catania & Catania Injury Lawyers, our attorneys have more than 120 years of collective litigation experience. We know how to advocate for injury victims and help them get the money they need to recover. We are prepared to put our skills and resources to work for you. 

When you hire Catania & Catania Injury Lawyers, here is what you can expect us to do for you: 

  • Investigate the cause of the multi-vehicle accident and identify each factor that contributed to the crash
  • Identify all parties who may be liable for your injuries
  • Consult with experts such as accident reconstructionists, medical professionals, and financial experts  
  • Handle all negotiations with insurance companies to resolve your claim
  • Fight for you in court if a settlement cannot be reached

After you’re injured in a car crash, you need time to focus on recovering from your injuries. Let our accomplished car accident lawyers in Tampa, Florida, handle your case. Contact our law offices today to arrange a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless we win.

Facts about Multi-Vehicle Car Crashes

A multi-vehicle accident is when three or more vehicles are involved.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has compiled statistics from 2019 specific to multi-vehicle accidents by vehicle type:

  • Cars: 7,623 
  • Pickups: 1,874 
  • SUVs: 2,698 
  • Other: 248 

Additionally, 61% of car occupant deaths in 2019 occurred in multi-vehicle crashes. 

Multi-vehicle car crashes are especially complicated because they often deal with circumstances that are unique to this type of crash.

These factors could include the following:

  • Multiple injured parties
  • Different insurance companies pressuring you to settle 
  • Insufficient insurance coverage
  • Multiple fatalities requiring a more in-depth investigation
  • Cross claims of negligence

Insurance companies fight to keep you from getting what you deserve. Our Tampa multi-vehicle car crash attorneys at Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, know how to fight back. 

What Injuries Occur in Multi-Vehicle Collisions?

While multi-vehicle collisions are not as common as motor vehicle accidents involving a single vehicle or just two automobiles, the physical injuries and property damage can be catastrophic. What started as a relatively minor initial injury from the first hit can become exacerbated by multiple, ongoing collisions.

As vehicle speed increases, the severity of the crash increases. Multi-vehicle accidents that occur on interstates and highways where speed limits are higher can be especially devastating.

Some common injuries from multi-vehicle car crashes include:

These injuries are painful and result in steep medical bills. You should not have to bear the physical and financial burden without help. Our Tampa personal injury lawyers are here to make sure you get the resources you need to recover.

How Do Multi-Vehicle Collisions Happen?

While multi-vehicle car crashes can occur in any number of ways, there are certain scenarios that are more likely to give rise to these kinds of accidents.

Typical situations that result in multi-vehicle crashes include:

  • Two or more vehicles at a traffic light are slammed from behind by another vehicle, causing a rear-end accident and each car to hit the one in front.
  • A car attempts to pass another vehicle but the other vehicle merges into the lane of the passing car. The passing car then attempts to swerve into another lane and crashes into a third vehicle.
  • A car is headed in the wrong direction and crashes into an oncoming vehicle that then swerves into another car.

Multi-car collisions can be caused by:

At Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, we know these crashes are terrifying and devastating. They can change your life in an instant through no fault of your own. Our Tampa car accident attorneys are experienced in bringing injured victims the relief they need. Call today for a free consultation.

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed in a Multi-Vehicle Accident? 

It’s possible. First of all, Florida is one of the few states with “no fault” rules for car accidents. Drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This allows you to recover some compensation from your own insurance company, even if you were at fault.

If there is a lawsuit based on negligence, you could still recover compensation if you’re at fault. That’s because the state of Florida is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that, even if you were 99% at fault for the accident, you can still recover 1% of the damages assessed. The state apportions liability based on each driver’s percentage of fault, which must be proven by evidence.

By definition, multi-vehicle car accidents involve multiple drivers. As a result, the question of who is liable for the crash can be difficult and confusing to determine. Drivers will often have differing stories of what occurred, and identifying the cause of the accident can be complicated. 

This is why you need a skilled personal injury lawyer with experience in dealing with multi-vehicle car crashes. Our legal team can advise and guide you through the process of understanding exactly what happened and who may have been at fault.

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