Speeding Accidents in Tampa, FL

Have you been injured in a speeding accident in Tampa, FL? You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other crash-related damages if someone else is to blame. The experienced Tampa car accident lawyers at Catania & Catania Injury Lawyers can help you fight to maximize your financial award.

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How Our Tampa Car Accident Attorneys Can Help if You’ve Been Injured in a Speeding Accident

How Our Tampa Car Accident Attorneys Can Help if You’ve Been Injured in a Speeding Accident

At Catania & Catania, our car accident lawyers in Tampa have decades of experience going up against tough insurance companies.

When you trust us after a car accident in the Tampa Bay area, we can boost your chances of reaching a fair settlement or being awarded damages in court by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to identify liable parties
  • Determining how much compensation you should seek based on the severity of your injuries and losses
  • Negotiating with the insurance company and rejecting unreasonably low offers
  • Having our accomplished trial attorneys bring your case to a jury in Hillsborough County.

Be aware that the claims process can be very lengthy and complex when you don’t have legal representation. Instead of burdening yourself with such tasks as coordinating with insurance company adjusters and gathering evidence, hire our Tampa car accident lawyers.

We’ll handle your case while you focus on your recovery. Since 1992, we’ve established a proven track record of success, recovering hundreds of millions for crash victims just like you. Call now to get started with your free case evaluation.

How Common Are Speeding Accidents in Tampa, FL?

Data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles indicates speeding is a relatively common factor in auto accidents throughout the state.

Speed can be particularly problematic in Tampa and Hillsborough County because many roads here have speed limits that are higher than the national average and recommendations. For instance, Channelside Drive and Meridian Drive have posted limits of 40 MPH. But, recommendations for these roads sit around 20 – 30 MPH. 

Other roads in Tampa and Hillsborough County where speed limits are an issue include:

  • Dale Mabry Hwy
  • Hillsborough Avenue
  • I-4, from I-275 to 22nd St
  • 56th St, from Sligh Ave to Busch Blvd, and more.

In 2019, speeding and/or aggressive driving played a role in 384 accidents that claimed the lives of victims, 1,261 accidents that left victims with incapacitating injuries, and 3,973 accidents that left victims with non-incapacitating injuries.

It’s worth noting that car accidents in the Tampa area have been on the decline in recent months. However, experts believe this may be due to the impact of Covid-19 on traffic. As the pandemic ends, accident rates may increase. Drivers must exercise caution accordingly.

Other common auto accidents in Tampa include:

What Makes Speeding Accidents So Dangerous?

The greater a vehicle’s speed, the greater its potential to cause harm. This is the main reason speeding accidents are dangerous.

Speeding is also dangerous because it can:

  • Render a vehicle more difficult to control than it would normally be
  • Increase the distance required to stop a vehicle safely
  • Delay driver reaction times
  • Reduce the effectiveness of safety features

Unfortunately, many drivers overestimate their ability to safely operate their vehicles when driving faster than they should. Their recklessness can put you and others in harm’s way.

Drivers should understand that per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ definitions, speeding doesn’t always involve exceeding the posted speed limit. Speeding may also cause an accident when a driver’s speed is too high for the conditions in which they’re driving. For example, a speed that might be safe and appropriate on a clear day could be very dangerous in heavy rain.

Speeding Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries in a Crash

Speeding accidents may cause injuries that permanently impact a victim’s quality of life.

Common speeding accident injuries include:

The consequences of a speeding accident may be felt for years. For example, if you sustained a spinal cord injury involved in a Tampa, FL speeding accident, you could be paralyzed for life. Our Tampa personal injury lawyers will account for the full extent of your injuries and losses when determining how much compensation you should settle for.

Under Florida state law, anyone who contributes to a speeding accident can be liable for the damages. Most often, this will mean that the reckless driver who was speeding will be liable. But, the speeding driver might not be solely to blame. Other liable parties could include third parties (like other motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians), government agencies, or even the manufacturer of a defective vehicle. 

For instance, although this is uncommon, it’s theoretically possible for a vehicle defect to prevent a driver from being able to control a vehicle’s speed. The liable party in these circumstances might be the vehicle’s designers or manufacturers.

Count on Catania & Catania to get to the bottom of what caused your speeding accident and seek full compensation from all responsible parties.

How Do I Get Compensation After a Speeding Car Accident in Tampa?

Until recently, Florida has been a “no-fault” state. That means car accident victims in Florida would typically begin seeking compensation for their damages by filing claims to collect from their own insurance, regardless of who caused an accident.

Damages can include money for medical bills, lost wages, disability, property damage, and things like pain and suffering.

That may change in the near future depending on whether Governor Desantis signs or vetoes new legislation. Regardless, securing compensation after a speeding accident in Tampa will always involve filing an insurance claim or lawsuit

Whether you file a claim to collect from your own insurance or that of a negligent driver, you shouldn’t expect an insurance company to immediately offer a fair settlement amount. Our Tampa car accident attorneys are ready to help you seek maximum damages for your crash-related trauma.

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