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Were you injured in a single vehicle accident in Tampa, Florida? Whether you were the driver or a passenger, we can help you with the next steps. Our single vehicle accident lawyers will help you navigate the insurance claims process and determine if any party needs to be held accountable for your injuries.

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How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Single Vehicle Accident in Tampa, FL

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Single Vehicle Accident in Tampa, FL

We know the aftermath of a car wreck can cause anxiety and worry. We can help carry the burden by handling all aspects of insurance claims and potential lawsuits. That way, you can take the time you need to rest and recover.

When you hire our Tampa auto accident attorneys to handle your single vehicle accident case, we’ll:

  • Conduct a thorough independent investigation to determine the cause of your accident
  • Review road conditions, traffic camera footage, and interview witnesses to look for evidence to support your claim for damages
  • Determine whether a third party is responsible for your accident
  • Handle all insurance claims and fight to maximize your compensation 
  • Send an experienced trial lawyer to fight for you in court if necessary

Our legal team has more than 120 years of collective legal experience. We are well-equipped with the training, resources, and dedication to get you the compensation you deserve. Call our single vehicle accident attorneys today for a free consultation. 

Overview of Single Vehicle Accidents

You may think that if you were the only car involved in your accident, you will automatically be deemed to be at fault. And, you might assume that you won’t be able to recover any compensation for your injuries. There are many reasons why both of those things aren’t always true.

What Causes Single Vehicle Accidents?

Whether you were involved in a rollover accident, a collision with a fixed object, or were forced off the road after hitting a large pothole, there are many situations where you are not necessarily liable for your accident.

Single vehicle accidents can be caused by:

Many accidents have multiple causes. It is always worth your time to speak with an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer after a single-vehicle crash.

There may be sources of compensation available to you that you aren’t aware of. And, you could be blamed for someone else’s property damage or personal injury. It’s good to have an experienced lawyer in your corner to protect your interests after any car wreck.

Who Is Liable for Single Vehicle Accidents?

Even if you were partially (or completely) at fault for your single-car crash, you are still entitled to recover benefits from your Personal Injury Protection insurance policy. It’s a no-fault policy that should cover 80% of your medical bills, up to $10,000.

But there are many situations where you may not be responsible at all for the crash. If that’s the case or if another party shares liability, a Tampa car accident attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf to seek additional compensation.

Potentially liable parties could include:

  • Government entity responsible for maintaining roads
  • Construction company responsible for poorly marked work zones or dangerous obstacles
  • Negligent pedestrian or cyclist
  • Another driver who ran you off the road but was not involved in the crash
  • Manufacturer of defective car parts

If you were in a single-vehicle accident as a passenger, you may be able to hold the driver liable. Each situation is unique. We stand behind you and fight for the best possible result, no matter what the circumstances.

Florida’s Comparative Negligence Rule

Even if you are partially at fault, as long as you are not completely responsible for your injuries, you could still recover some compensation. Under Florida’s comparative negligence statute, your compensation will be reduced by the portion of fault attributed to you.

For example, if you were speeding and ran off the road after a passing car cut into your lane too close, it’s possible that both your speeding and the other driver were contributing factors to your accident. Your award would be reduced by the portion of your crash determined to be caused by your speeding.

That’s where our experts can really come into play. They can help us determine what amount of responsibility (if any) is fairly assigned to you. And they give us authority and credibility when we stand up for you if you’re being unfairly blamed.

Other Car Accident Claims We Handle

At Catania & Catania Injury Lawyers, we can help you if you were injured in any type of car accident, including:

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