Red and Yellow Light Accidents in Tampa, FL

Running a red light is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Running a light can result in a traffic citation under Florida traffic laws. However, it can also cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. You deserve compensation if you were in a red and yellow light accident in Tampa, FL.

Our Tampa car accident lawyers at Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers can help. We assist accident victims in recovering much-needed compensation for their injuries. We’ve recovered hundreds of millions for our clients in our almost three decades of practice. 

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How Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You with an Accident Claim 

Why Do Red Light Accidents Happen in Tampa?

Proving fault for accidents at red and yellow lights can be challenging. If there are no eyewitnesses, it could be your word against the other driver’s word. 

Our Tampa personal injury lawyers have handled car accident cases for nearly three decades. We know Florida traffic and personal injury laws. And we use them to get our clients the most money possible for their claims. 

When you hire the legal team at Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers to represent you, you can expect us to:

  • Search for evidence proving the other driver caused the car crash
  • Work with you and your physicians to document your injuries and damages
  • File insurance claims and monitor the deadlines to file a lawsuit in Tampa, Florida.
  • Handle all matters related to the insurance claim, including negotiating a settlement with the insurance company 
  • Retain expert witnesses, when necessary, to assist with the case
  • Provide legal advice, guidance, and support throughout your case

Contact our Tampa car wreck attorneys for a free consultation if you were involved in a car accident due to a red-light runner. 

Why Do Red Light Accidents Happen in Tampa?

Approximately 165,000 people are injured in red light accidents each year. Over the last decade, red-light crashes resulted in almost 9,000 traffic deaths. Over one-half of the red-light crashes in Hillsborough County for three years in a row occurred in Tampa. These car stats forced The City of Tampa to create a red light camera program to discourage red light running.

People run red lights for many reasons. Distracted driving is a common cause of red and yellow light accidents. Drunk driving and drowsy driving are also causes of red-light crashes. 

A person may be texting on their cell phone or reaching for an object when the light turns red. Because their eyes are not on the road, they fail to stop before entering the intersection. 

Some drivers try to “beat” the light before it turns red. They speed through the intersection after the light turns red, causing a head-on crash or a side-impact accident. 

Speeding is another factor in red light accidents. Drivers who exceed the speed limit may not be able to stop if the light changes from yellow to red. The faster the vehicle travels when it approaches an intersection, the longer it takes to stop.

Other common types of auto accidents include:

Besides practicing safe driving habits to avoid the risk of a car crash, it’s also important to follow Florida’s car inspection laws and if you are driving with children, make sure you are in line with Florida’s child car seat laws.

Injuries and Damages Caused by Red Light Accidents in Tampa 

Intersection accidents can cause numerous injuries. Because the collisions are often front-end or side-impact crashes, the vehicle occupants do not have as much protection from the crash.

Common injuries in red light crashes include:

The damages caused by red light accidents include monetary losses (economic damages) and pain and suffering (non-economic damages). In addition, if you sustain a permanent disability, you could be entitled to future damages, including diminished earning capacity and future lost wages. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for a Red-Light Accident in Tampa?

The statute of limitations for most car accidents in Florida is four years from the crash date. However, there are exceptions to the general rule, especially in cases involving the government.

Never assume your time has run out or that you have plenty of time to file a car accident lawsuit. Instead, meet with a Tampa car accident lawyer as soon as possible to review your case and discuss your options for receiving compensation for car accident injuries. You might be entitled to compensation even if your car crash involved an uninsured motorist.

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