Rollover Accidents in Tampa, FL

There are many different types of car accidents. However, rollover accidents are one of the most deadly and devastating types of car accidents in Tampa, Florida. 

The Tampa car accident lawyers of Catania & Catania, P.A. understand the human and financial cost caused by a rollover accident. Our dedicated team of legal professionals fights to get you the compensation you deserve after a rollover accident in Tampa, FL.

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How Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover Compensation for Your Accident Claim 

How Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover Compensation for Your Accident Claim 

When you are injured in a rollover crash, your first priority should be your health and wellbeing. However, you should also prioritize your legal claim against the party who caused the accident. 

At Catania and Catania Injury Lawyers, our Tampa car accident attorneys can pursue your legal claim for damages while you focus on your recovery. We handle all aspects of your personal injury claim. 

When you hire our legal team in Tampa, Florida, you can expect us to:

  • Complete an independent investigation to determine the cause of the car accident
  • Work with your doctors to identify your injuries
  • Document your damages and calculate the maximum value for your claim
  • File claims with the insurance company and negotiate a settlement
  • Monitor deadlines for filing a lawsuit if the other party refuses to agree to a fair settlement

You do not have to fight the insurance company alone to settle your car wreck claim. Contact us now to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced car accident lawyer. 

Are Rollover Accidents Common in Tampa, FL?

Rollover crashes account for about one-third of the traffic fatalities in the United States. 

According to the IIHS, rollover crashes during 2019 resulted in:

  • 6,358 passenger occupant deaths
  • 28 percent of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths
  • 20 percent of occupant deaths in cars
  • 38 percent of occupant deaths in SUVs

The dangers of rollover accidents are well-documented. The NHTSA continues to research the causes and dynamics of rollover crashes. 

What Causes a Vehicle to Roll?

There are many reasons for rollover accidents. However, the most common cause of rollover crashes is a tripping event. A tripping event results when the vehicle’s wheels leave the road, causing the vehicle to tip onto its side or roll.

For example, a vehicle may hit a curb, causing the wheel to leave the road and the vehicle to tip. Another example might be a vehicle running over road debris.

Rollover accidents that are not tripping events are often caused by excessive speed, especially around a sharp curve. Another cause might be a driver running off the side of the road and overcorrecting. 

Any vehicle can roll over given the right circumstances. However, tall vehicles and vehicles that are top-heavy have a higher risk for rollover accidents. Examples include SUVs, semi-trucks, buses, and pickup trucks.

Are There Risk Factors That Increase the Chance of a Rollover Accident?

Yes, some things can increase the chance of a rollover accident. Speeding is one of the most common risk factors in addition to the type of vehicle. The color of your car doesn’t impact the risk of being involved in a rollover accident.

Other risk factors might include:

  • Loading a vehicle so that the weight shifts 
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs
  • Poor weather conditions that cause the tires to lose traction with the road
  • Riding on worn tires or defective tires that cause blowouts
  • Distracted and drowsy driving can lead to overcorrecting situations

The injuries and damages caused by rollover accidents can be devastating. Determining how the accident occurred is crucial. Only parties who contributed to the cause of the rollover crash can be held liable for damages.

Therefore, it is vital to conduct a thorough accident investigation to prove how the rollover accident occurred.

Injuries and Damages Caused by Rollover Accidents

The injuries caused by a rollover crash are often catastrophic. Ejection from the vehicle as it rolls over is common. The person may be crushed beneath the vehicle or inside the vehicle as it rolls over.

Common injuries in rollover crashes include:

The types of damages that a person might sustain because of the rollover accident include medical bills and lost wages. Additionally, the injured victim may experience significant pain and suffering.

Damages in a rollover accident can total tens of thousands of dollars or more, especially if the person is permanently disabled. 

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